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The application of easy to control configuration software in the electronic control system of beiren 45A axleless tower printer

project introduction

Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has produced offset printing machinery for nearly 50 years. It is currently the largest offset printing machine manufacturer in China, one of China's top 500 industries, and one of the first batch of nine enterprises listed abroad. Beiren's offset press manufacturing technology is closely in line with international advanced technology, with dozens of technical patents, and has always maintained the highest level of domestic offset press technology

beiren 45A shaftless tower newspaper printer is composed of a zero speed paper receiving machine and a folding machine of a tower printing unit. It adopts advanced shaftless transmission technology and is mainly suitable for printing double-sided color newspapers. It can't print multiple editions without mentioning the single frame double-sided color newspapers and single set red newspapers. It can realize a variety of different unit combinations according to different needs. The electric control system of the newspaper printer adopts Mitsubishi programmable controller as the main body of equipment operation logic control, the special transmission control system of German Baumueller printing machine is used for shaftless transmission control, and the monitoring configuration control software "easy control (inspec)" based on windows xp@ developed by jiusiyi Automation Software Co., Ltd. is used for system setting and monitoring

good security

system design

characteristics of system design

1. The system adopts a new control mode and system concept, so that the whole system can be mechanically combined in a "plug and play" manner, which greatly strengthens the flexibility of system combination

2. In the operation logic control with Mitsubishi programmable controller as the main body in the system, RS485 communication is used to start and stop, speed control and fault diagnosis of ink roller frequency converter

3. CCLink bus links the whole system; Melsecnet/h as a multi section system link, Mitsubishi industrial Ethernet carries out data communication with the upper IPC and Baumueller printer control system

4 the job management system in the "easy to control (inspec)" configuration control software enables the whole system to configure and manage jobs according to the needs of jobs, making the operation and control of the whole system more flexible

the main functions completed by the software system

the configuration control software adopts "easy to control (inspec)" and is applicable to different newspaper printing systems from single tower to six tower, where the hole diameter of the oil return valve is much larger than that of the oil delivery valve and multiple folding machines. Users can easily adjust the screen configuration and the configuration relationship with the hardware system to apply to different types of newspaper printing systems

1. In addition to the standard functions of the standard configuration software, many special functions required by the newspaper printer are added, such as operation management, version adjustment control, ink tracking, etc

2. The communication with the lower controller adopts general design, so it is easy to replace the control systems of different manufacturers and increase or decrease the monitoring and control parameters. It can be debugged for each part of the system, and each part of the system can be started and stopped separately

3. The system displays the operation in the form of graphics and animation. For the printing adjustment tasks such as paper roll deviation adjustment, cutting adjustment, ink fine adjustment, registration adjustment, etc., the system adopts realistic animation display, and the operation is simple and intuitive

4. The special operation control of the system can easily select different printing tasks. The configuration information of different tasks can be loaded and saved for tasks


the image monitoring terminal of beiren 45A axleless tower printer system completed by "easy control (inspec)" well ensures the functions of the whole machine, such as operation status monitoring, operation and machine fault diagnosis. Its special functions of the printer, such as operation management, version adjustment control, ink tracking, etc., have been highly recognized by users. The research and development of the newspaper printer system began in July, 2004, and the prototype was successfully trial produced in May, 2005. By August, 2006, it has been delivered to China, which can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons, pay users nearly 30 towers, and operate reliably and stably. It is mainly used in major newspapers including Shenyang, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, etc. In recent years, China's printing machinery manufacturing technology has made rapid progress, which is marked by the significant improvement of the control part and automation level of the printing machinery. The successful application of "easy control (inspec)" in this field has become a significant force to promote the improvement of the automation level of the industry

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