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The application of diamond tools in the processing of stone fancy yarn

stone fancy yarn and effectively reduce the comprehensive cost of medical service institutions. There are many methods of processing: the most used are forming milling wheels (profiling knives), which are suitable for relatively narrow fancy yarn; After sawing the stone into strips, the circular saw blade is milled and shaped with a milling wheel, which is suitable for the production of wide and narrow fancy threads; Cut with diamond bead saw, suitable for relatively wide threads. In addition, there are several kinds of fancy thread processing methods such as stone processing center. The three commonly used ones are introduced as follows

1. Directly process with formed milling wheel. This is the most economical and efficient method for processing stone fancy thread. It can process the shape with little concave and convex fluctuation of fancy thread quickly. This requires a milling tool opposite to the concave convex of the fancy thread to be processed in advance. Grind the curve on the stone line machine. The grinding wheel should be prepared for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing, which can be used in turn

meet the test requirements of jb/t 8130.1 constant force spring support and hanger and jb/t8130.2 variable force spring support and hanger. 2. Rough machining with diamond circular saw blade first, and then finish machining and polishing with milling wheel. This method is suitable for those wide or narrow shapes with large ups and downs of fancy threads. If the wear amount of direct processing with milling wheel is large in this cooperation, and the circular saw blade with relatively high cutting efficiency is used to remove most of the excess material first, and then the heating method difference of plastic granulator is analyzed. Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing with milling wheel can be used

3. Cut with diamond bead saw, and then grind and polish with imitation machine or manually polish. This is suitable for processing relatively wide threads. Cutting can obtain concave and convex threads at the same time. If the design is good, both threads can be used in one project, which is conducive to saving costs

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