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The application of digital technology has promoted the development of flexographic printing technology

the application of digital technology has promoted the development of flexographic printing technology, especially in the field of folding cartons, the flexographic printing of roll cartons has developed quite rapidly, and is more and more accepted and adopted by more and more people, which has the momentum of gradually replacing the single sheet carton production mode. The new breakthrough and development of sleeve technology in flexographic printing has far-reaching significance in the control point and point expansion rate, and greatly improves the quality of flexographic printing. The introduction of a new type of digital shaftless flexographic production line (no main shaft, no synchronous drive belt, no drum gear) has also promoted the improvement of flexographic printing quality to a certain extent. At present, the product quality of flexo folding cartons has basically reached the quality level of most offset printing products

market survey and results

recently, a market survey was conducted on 250 household folding carton flexographic printing companies in North America. The survey results showed that: the processing method of single sheet materials will show a downward trend: the market share will be reduced from 63% in 1990 to 51% in 2000; The online processing of web materials (including flexo printing and offset printing) will have a great growth, and the market share will expand from 35% in 1990 to 47% in 2000. The gravure printing market continues to show a downward trend, accounting for 15% of the market share in 1990 and will drop to 10% in 2000. The survey also showed that the market share of flexographic web printing will double from 1990 to 2000 (from 8% in 1990 to 16% in 2000). Therefore, even if the market share of web offset printing doubles in this decade, that is, from 10% to 20%, the total market share of offset folding cartons is still declining, from 75% in 1990 to 70% in 2000

industry changes

the investigation and analysis of the European folding carton market shows that the folding carton industry is at a very critical turning point, from the previous wide width, single sheet gravure printing and traditional, simple flexographic printing to a higher degree of automation, stronger adaptability Conversion of flexographic printing mode of narrow width shaftless drum with higher production capacity. The survey points out that recently, due to the introduction and application of flexible digital shaftless rotary die cutting system, which integrates cutting, indentation, concave convex finishing and other processes, multiple processes can be completed at one time, greatly reducing the production cost

the early roll folding carton production line used platform die-cutting equipment. Due to the long adjustment time and poor stability of the machine, the production speed was very low, and it was difficult to compete with the new single sheet production line in terms of cost and efficiency

today's flexo die cutting system is much different, and its performance has been greatly improved. It uses a rotary die cutting equipment, with a maximum width of 55 inches (1400 mm) and a maximum speed of 1200 feet/minute (400 meters/minute). At the same time, it also has a quick replacement device, which can quickly replace the printed parts to be cut. Some systems also have gearless lifting table devices, which can process complex semi-finished folding cartons nested layer by layer at high speed. Another advantage of on-line rotary die-cutting is that the selection range of dies is more and wider, especially the shaftless die and curved surface die. The price is very low, and it is quite competitive compared with the traditional short version sheet carton production market

the integration in the carton industry will continue, and the competition in the industry for the experimental machine to adopt microcomputer for data processing and analysis will be more intense. As the new roll folding carton production line is put into use, it will inevitably impact the existing folding carton processing plants and folding carton printing plants, and some folding carton processing plants, especially printing plants, will be eliminated

research conclusion

the technological revolution of digital prepress technology and digital printing machine will bring new vitality and vigor to the web flexographic printing process. The application of new technology will continuously improve the production level and improve the operating performance. Therefore, it has a high return on investment. However, for various types of Web flexo production lines, it is very important for the printing factory to carefully analyze the comparative balance between the investment amount and production efficiency, and select the equipment with the most performance/price ratio (3) preset the number of experiments and automatic shutdown. Most of the new multi-functional flexographic production lines for online processing of all digital reels are equipped with rotary cutting devices, indentation devices, Jinan gold assay material experimental technology upgrading or winding devices, which are fast and quick to replace parts. Therefore, the labor intensity is reduced, the scrap rate is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the investment value is more

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