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Pay tribute to the Sino Russian century project, Sany equipment Arctic circle set a

pay tribute to the Sino Russian century project, Sany equipment Arctic circle set a record of -48 ℃ extreme cold construction

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"gas supply!" "Breathe!"

it is worth mentioning that Sany is the only crawler crane supplier for the China Russia east line natural gas pipeline project, and has set a record for construction in Russia at minus 48 degrees, contributing to the smooth establishment of the China Russia century strategic project

the century project personally promoted by the heads of state of China and Russia

in the 1990s, China and Russia signed a memorandum on the construction of natural gas pipelines. After 20 years of negotiation and 5 years of technical preparation and construction, the Sino Russian East line natural gas project has always been a century project decided and promoted by the heads of state of China and Russia

it is understood that after the completion of the China Russia east line natural gas pipeline, 38billion cubic meters of clean and high-quality natural gas resources can be stably supplied to Northeast China, Bohai rim and Yangtze River Delta every year. This is equivalent to about 13.6% of China's natural gas consumption in 2018, and will benefit more than 400 million people in 9 provinces and cities along the line, effectively improving and alleviating the current situation of air pollution along the line

the opening of the first land-based cross-border natural gas strategic channel in Northeast China is of great significance to deepening the all-round cooperation between China and Russia and promoting the integration of the interests of the two countries. China National Petroleum Corporation announced that the completion of the project will diversify China's natural gas imports, which is more conducive to ensuring the balance between technology and Commerce and hindering national energy security

fearless of extreme low temperature of minus 48 ℃

Sany crane shows great power in the Arctic Circle

participating in the construction of this strategic project, which represents the important cooperation achievements between China and Russia, is of great significance to Sany. In 2014, Sany and the Russian agent PSK group finally communicated and determined the equipment requirements of the project through several visits to Gazprom, the most important of which is to adapt to the ultra-low temperature construction environment

the area requiring Sany crawler crane construction is located in the Republic of Sakha, Russia, near the Arctic circle. This is the area with the longest winter and the lowest temperature in the northern hemisphere. The land is almost completely permafrost, which makes the project a conditional zone for signing a formal agreement

as long as the construction personnel stand out, breathing will immediately make their beards covered with ice cream and turn into "Grandpa", which is only minus 35 ℃ in the daytime and minus 48 ℃ at night

in order to meet the needs of customers as soon as possible, Sany Heavy lifting division and the Russian region jointly formed a Russian special crawler crane working group to accelerate the research and development of ultra-low temperature scc2600a crawler crane according to the construction requirements and specific working conditions of the project

in the research and development process, Sany has adopted many advanced technologies such as "ultra-low temperature startup, ultra-low temperature cab and oil duct pipeline heating, ultra-low temperature hydraulic oil tank heater, engine oil heater, antifreeze heating". After more than ten times of technical debugging with customers, the smooth delivery of the ultra-low temperature version of scc2600a crawler crane was finally achieved, which is also the first time that Sany crawler crane products have entered the ultra-low temperature area

in more than three years of service, this ultra-low temperature scc2600a crawler crane has performed outstanding. It can not only operate stably in the harsh environment of high cold, plateau and strong wind and sand, but also switch freely in the two operation modes of work and installation, which is convenient and reliable

according to the introduction, the chassis with a track gauge of 6.7m ensures excellent operation stability within the 360 ° rotation range. Load sensing, limit load adjustment and electro-hydraulic proportional micro speed control make each action have excellent micro motion. Strong walking traction and walking stability will bring the advantages of crawler crane to the extreme. At the same time, the beautiful, comfortable and safe new cab has also been highly praised by operators

in addition, Sany's high-quality service, as always, also makes customers very satisfied. The weekly regular communication and monthly regular inspection can solve any problem at the first time

the excellent performance of this ultra-low temperature 260 ton crawler crane deeply moved Gazprom, turning them from loyal European and American equipment users to fans of "made in China", and successively purchased 35 Sany truck cranes, further strengthening the strategic cooperation with Sany with serious oil leakage in the oil system or oil pipe rupture. This also made Sany equipment enter Russia in large quantities, opening up a larger Russian oil and gas construction market

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