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Triangle beast gathers domestic mainstream manufacturers to see the future of AI semantic technology

triangle beast gathers domestic mainstream manufacturers to see the future of AI semantic technology

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original title: Triangle beast gathers domestic mainstream manufacturers to see the future of AI semantic technology

September 25, Triangle beast (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as triangle beast) held a "what you want and what you touch" smart screen product salon in Beijing World Trade Tianjie, and gathered with more than 10 domestic mainstream manufacturers such as oppo, vivo and Meizu to discuss the new scenes of mobile terminals enabled by artificial intelligence semantics and the new experience of human-computer interaction brought by smart screens

triangle beast and domestic mainstream manufacturers gather together

nowadays, artificial intelligence has penetrated into all aspects of society and brought various convenient, fast and even subversive changes to people's lives. In 2018, the number of global intelligent users exceeded 3billion, and intelligence has already become the largest network traffic entry, and will also become the most popular artificial intelligence carrier. As an industry leader in the field of artificial intelligence semantics, Triceratops has always been deeply involved in natural language understanding and human-computer dialogue technology. Since its inception, the company has always insisted on exploring the flexible and wide application of semantic technology in more scenarios, empowering life, helping industry, and truly embodying the value of artificial intelligence technology

smart screen recognition makes a new human-computer interaction experience

Mr. Liu Yu, director of strategic planning of oppo color OS, said when talking about the cooperation with Triceratops at the salon, "In the context of AI technology wave and consumption upgrading, the intelligent industry has ushered in a new round of upgrading and transformation. In addition to hardware, the soft power of manufacturers has increasingly become the main place of competition. Triangle beast and smart screen have shown manufacturers a richer application scene of intelligent terminals, helped the industry break through the bottleneck of software products, truly applied AI semantic technology in operation, substantially improved core competitiveness, and brought benefits to consumers More flexible and convenient use experience has created more added value of products. "

oppo color OS Mr. Liu Yu, director of strategic planning, delivered a keynote speech

as one of the three core application solutions of the triangle beast, the smart screen is based on the underlying os technology, which can be triggered by the user's simple pressing gesture. It can recognize the intention of any text information in itself and the app, and associate relevant information, services and other resources, so as to provide users with a more intelligent interactive experience

Mr. chenhuarong, the partner of triangle beast, explained the core value of the product function at the scene, "Intelligent screen recognition solves the tedious and complex pain points of people in dealing with text every day. When we encounter text messages of interest on the Internet, the traditional search mode is copy and paste - select or copy the text, exit the app, call a third-party app, paste or type and search, which requires at least 6 or 7 steps to complete the operation of information query. Each of us has to do this operation on the Internet every day 。”

triangle beast partner chenhuarong explained the original intention of the design of the smart screen recognition scheme.

when the user turns on the smart screen recognition function on the intelligent terminal, just "a little" - long press any text information in it, and the built-in natural language understanding ability can be triggered. This ability will automatically analyze the intention of the text and identify the valuable entities inside, and the relevant information will pop up in the form of cards, Users can click the card directly to complete the operation in one step. The value entity of smart screen has spanned nearly 100 different fields, meeting the search needs of users in shopping, express delivery, maps, restaurants, hotels, film and television, music, animation, stars and many other aspects

smart screen, just "a little", all in the master

at present, triangle beast has occupied the vast majority of the domestic android smart screen market, oppo, vivo, Meizu, ZTE, hammer, Nokia, sharp, Hisense, Lenovo, blackberry, TCL, Gome, 360, Nubia and other 14 Android brands have applied the solution, and are communicating with several other manufacturers for testing. When talking about the cooperation with many manufacturers, Ma Yuchi, the founder, chairman and COO of Triceratops, said happily, "The smart screen feature was launched in April this year for new machines of major brands. At present, nearly 20million user requests will be received every day. It is expected that from the end of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019, the number of new smartphones covered by this feature will reach about 150million, accounting for half of the shipments of new models. In 2019, the number of new and old models covered by this feature is expected to exceed 500million. Smart screen, just 'a little', understand what you want and give what you need."

mayuchi, the founder, chairman and COO of triangle beast, expressed his expectations for the future development of products.

the function of intelligent screen recognition is entirely based on the innovation of artificial intelligence technology. At one end, there are various direct and potential needs of users, and at the other end, there are information and services to meet various needs. Our original intention is how to find and meet the direct and potential needs of users in the whole scene for all users. Smart screen will greatly reactivate the user's traffic. The original single control operations, such as copy, paste, typing, search, etc., are organically combined in the function of smart screen, so that the user can operate any text with the scene at any time, and give the desired operation results in one step

triangle beast founder and CTO (right) interacts with live media

on this basis, maximize the activation of traffic value. No matter clicking, downloading, or trading, it can generate transformation more efficiently, and advertising information can be embedded in information cards, aggregate pages, and feed streams. There are three essential differences between smart screen and traditional traffic advertising in technology. First, the location is different. Traditional traffic advertising generally gives advertising space, which is at the top of the negative screen, pull-down screen, app store, directory, article, etc., while the smart screen is equivalent to ubiquitous, which is based on the recognition of all texts. The second is the different needs of users. Traditional advertisements are pure recommendation advertisements. Even if it is judged that users may be interested in it, it is a state of "system active recommendation and user passive trigger", while smart screen is triggered by users' active click, which is equivalent to that users want to know relevant things, so we recommend relevant information to them. Third, the conversion rate is different. The conversion rate of traditional traffic advertising is calculated in thousandths and thousandths, because users have no subjective needs and see it passively. At present, we see a high conversion rate of smart screen, because users will almost enter resources or services after actively identifying a text. Smart screen will also be equipped with a third-party advertising platform. Advertisers can selectively put advertisements according to their own needs. Smart screen has a huge space for business imagination in the future

in addition to the intelligent screen recognition solution, triangle beast also showed the dialogue interaction platform and intelligent customer service application solution to guests and media friends at the salon. Dialogue interaction platform is a system carried on various IOT intelligent hardware, which is the "intelligence" of intelligent hardware. Based on natural language understanding, man-machine dialogue technology and massive real dialogue corpus data, it allows intelligent devices to naturally communicate with users, meets users' direct and potential needs, and provides solutions for chatting, accompanying and serving the whole scene

the staff of triangle beast explained the three application schemes to the on-site guests and the media

at present, the dialogue and interaction platform of triangle beast has been connected to more than 50million devices, including voice assistant, smart speaker, smart TV, smart watch, smart storyteller and other smart hardware devices. The partners include Baidu's Xiaodu speaker, Xiaomi Xiaoai classmate, Tencent listening speaker, Fuji kangxiaole speaker, Changhong TV, Mitu storyteller Huohuo Rabbit Story machine, shushulang, little genius watch, etc. at the same time, they cooperated with dueros, University of science and technology news, factors affecting the development of aluminum powder new materials, such as Fei, yunzhisheng, Orion and other platforms, and the average number of new devices per day increased by 500000. In terms of open domain chat products, the content defect rate of children's chat is less than 0.006%, which ensures a healthier and safer chat environment for children. It is expected that by the end of 2018, the dialogue and interaction platform will be connected to 2/3 smart speakers and 3/4 head children's products, generating a large amount of real user interaction data every day, which is also the data barrier that the triangle beast continues to increase

the intelligent IOT dialogue and interaction platform has been connected to more than 50million intelligent hardware devices

intelligent customer service solutions, which can provide automated services such as voice navigation, customer service quality inspection, intelligent question and answer, and business processing for enterprise customer service scenarios, so as to achieve 7x24 instant response, improve business efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Triangle beast has accumulated a lot of industry insights through continuous deep cultivation in the fields of financial securities companies, telecom operators, governments and so on. The Netherlands has put "tight hoop" business knowledge and practical experience on packaging materials, and has a better understanding of the actual needs, business scenarios, business logic and customer pain points in the vertical field. Its customers include China Mobile, GF Securities, Tianhong fund, Orient Securities, Hang Seng electronics, Ernst & young, Guangming National Poverty Alleviation Office, Xuhui administrative service center, Hangzhou gas, etc

intelligent customer service 7x24 responds instantly, improves business efficiency and reduces operating costs

in the future, triangle beast will rely on its core technical strength in the field of artificial intelligence semantics and technology to empower excellent partners in all walks of life to jointly create a more intelligent human-computer interaction mode for a wider range of application scenarios, improve the human-computer interaction experience, and truly apply artificial intelligence semantic technology to real life and industry

Sanjia beast (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

triangle beast is a leading provider of artificial intelligence semantic solutions in China. The company has always focused on natural language understanding and man-machine dialogue technology. 1. Please read this manual carefully before use. If the R & D and business owners want to achieve accuracy, they must add 2 points to extend the industrialization. At present, the B round of financing has been completed. With its strong technical strength in semantic understanding, open domain chat and multiple rounds of dialogue, it provides intelligent screen recognition solutions, dialogue interaction platforms and intelligent customer service solutions. For all scenarios, multi domain users and vertical industries, we are committed to comprehensively improving user experience, improving interaction efficiency and reducing operating costs

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