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One touch heavy truck enterprises staged a battle for the dump truck market

one touch heavy truck enterprises staged a battle for the dump truck market

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Guide: dump trucks are an indispensable force in urban construction, but they are criticized by the world because of their overloading, speeding, spilling, random dumping, exhaust pollution and other phenomena. In order to eliminate this chronic disease in urban construction, many places began to treat muck trucks, such as FAW Jiefang, Shaanxi Automobile, Futian

muck truck is an indispensable force for urban construction, but it is criticized by the world because of its overload, overspeed, spillage, random dumping, exhaust pollution and other phenomena. In order to eliminate this long-standing "stubborn disease" in urban construction, many places have begun to treat muck trucks. FAW Jiefang, Shaanxi Automobile, Futian, Jianghuai, Lianhe truck and other heavy truck enterprises are also on the verge of a battle for this market. Looking at the upgraded models launched by these enterprises, they have made many useful attempts in U-shaped cargo containers, electric control devices, intelligent monitoring systems and so on. This article will review them one by one

FAW Jiefang new type muck truck

FAW Jiefang new type urban muck truck is a new type of urban dump truck developed specifically for the needs of China's domestic market, which has the characteristics of reliability, environmental protection and easy management. It not only solves the problem of urban construction waste transportation, but also takes into account environmental protection. This product fills the gap in the urban short-distance and large tonnage transportation market after the implementation of the Fourth National Congress

it adopts the most advanced "electric control unit pump" technology in China, with an external built-in pulley structure, and the carriage canopy cover must be sealed in place. When the cover is not completely closed, the engine can only drive at a speed limit, limit the carriage to be super high and overweight, completely eliminate overloading and reduce the accident rate. The cargo box is made of new steel plate materials. Compared with traditional products, the bearing capacity of the cargo box is improved. At the same time, the center of gravity of the cargo box is reduced by 140mm. When turning, the lateral force is low, anti rollover, high stability, smooth driving, increased transportation safety, and forced speed limit

U-shaped structure design of cargo box, no "dead corner" scouring, easy scrubbing, and more thorough unloading; The car body is equipped with an environmental protection cover. The environmental protection cover is not closed tightly, and the vehicle cannot run normally, completely eliminating secondary pollution problems such as spillage and omission. It can realize the monitoring of various transportation ranges such as anti-theft, anti disassembly, positioning, vehicle locking, speed limit, engine fuel consumption, tire pressure monitoring, etc., play the role of management and monitoring, and can command and dispatch uniformly. The monitoring and warning system is installed to support warning functions such as area reminder, line deviation reminder, overspeed reminder, fatigue driving reminder, overtime parking reminder, terminal failure reminder, so as to ensure the safe driving of vehicles and eliminate illegal operations

Foton Auman GTL third generation intelligent muck truck

Foton Auman GTL third generation intelligent muck truck adopts intelligent control system, which can prevent overload, overspeed, fatigue driving, disorderly dumping, and even the innovative technology and application of remote parking for illegal operations. In particular, it is worth noting that this product has the advantages in environmental protection. It adopts green environmental protection power, and can be discharged by National IV and national V (LNG), which fully meet the requirements of national emission regulations. At the same time, it adopts the international leading level closed environmental protection cover

the outside is equipped with a built-in pulley structure, and the top of the front hat brim is equipped with a tarpaulin cleaning brush; The environmental protection cover ensures that the upper part of the carriage is fully sealed, and the rear door is equipped with a sealant strip to prevent spillage and water leakage, effectively avoiding scattering during driving, which is more environmentally friendly. It has passed the strict tests of reliability, power, safety, intelligence, comfort and other aspects, and obtained the German Rhine certification

in view of the fact that many places enforce that muck trucks can only drive at night, and the production and sales enterprises of muck trucks rarely provide night maintenance services, Foton Daimler automobile has created an original "housekeeper" service, "one-on-one service" and "one-stop service" to provide a strong implementation guarantee for the green muck transportation solution and fully meet the needs of muck trucks for day and night operation. The service station is equipped with a special person on call 24 hours at any time to ensure that the dump truck can be repaired at the first time at night. At the same time, night watchmen are set to ensure that the goods are delivered to the door at the first time and improve the timeliness of night maintenance

JAC GEFA muck truck

in appearance, JAC GEFA muck truck adopts the latest generation of half high top cab from JAC Italian R & D center, with a sense of power on the left and right deflectors. The actual use area of the cab is 4.2 square meters, with a wide and comfortable private space. The seat adopts ergonomic seat angle design, is equipped with internationally advanced four airbag, and is equipped with omni-directional airbag. The suspension and four point suspension design in the cockpit has good shock absorption effect

in terms of safety, Jianghuai GEFA muck truck adopts a two-stage braking control system, and the braking response time is shortened by 30%. GEFA muck truck optimizes the steering system on the original basis to improve the steering portability of the vehicle. The steering effect of the steering gear with the largest 120 cylinder diameter in China is comparable to that of the imported steering gear, and the steering safety is greatly increased

in order to minimize the occurrence of collision, 3mm thick sheet metal is used in each "collision area" of the driver's cab of GEFA muck truck. In the event of an unfortunate collision, it can withstand various impacts of 203 aluminum alloy door latch like a knight's armor, and the maximum displacement of the driver's cab during the collision is 200mm, which greatly improves the passive safety. In addition, Jianghuai GEFA muck truck overturns the traditional design concept of truck side protection. The obvious answer is that the former can also carry out 1000 hours of continuous experimental integrated side skirt protection, which can effectively prevent cars and pedestrians from getting involved in the bottom of the car, and the safety is doubled

the unique U-shaped cargo box of Jianghuai GEFA muck truck has light weight; Fast unloading without residue; No spilling during transportation, low center of gravity and good stability; High strength, strong loading capacity and strong impact resistance

in view of the overload problem of muck transportation, the "resourceful" Jianghuai GEFA even uses the gravity operation controller to control the vehicle weight. Once the safety value is exceeded, the vehicle can only be in the idle state and cannot be driven and lifted normally, effectively avoiding the rollover and other accidents caused by overload and eccentric load. Through the on-board positioning system, the vehicle position can be locked, and the monitored signals and images can be transmitted to the monitoring platform to comprehensively understand the vehicle operation status, ensure safe operation, and achieve manageability and controllability

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