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Abstract: electric motorcycles are vehicles powered by batteries. The quality of chargers greatly affects the service life of batteries and the safety of electric vehicles. Therefore, chargers will undergo rigorous testing in the stages of R & D, production and certification

the essence of motorcycle charger is an ac/dc switching power supply. Its specification is usually to input 180~265v input voltage, 48v-96v output DC and 1.8a-4.5a current into the MCU control system circuit as shown in. In order to further improve the performance of ac/dc power supply and ensure the excellent quality of ex factory products, strict testing and verification are usually required, including output test, input test, protection test, safety test, environmental test and other test items

a set of test scheme for electric motorcycle charger composed of programmable AC power supply, oscilloscope, power meter and oscillograph (as shown in the figure below)

Figure 1 motorcycle charger test plan

the important circuit component of motorcycle charger is the switch circuit. The key test equipment in the circuit test plan is pwr2000w high-performance programmable AC power supply and zds4054 plus data mining oscilloscope

test equipment - PWR high-performance programmable AC power supply

pwr2000w high-performance programmable AC power supply not only outputs AC, DC and AC and DC, but also integrates voltage fluctuation programming, harmonic synthesis and waveform library to simulate normal or abnormal power supply conditions, which can meet the testing and verification requirements of products in different industries. Briefly introduce the three common functions

1 Adjustable initial/end Jinmin new material is a scientific and technological company focusing on the research and operation of high-molecular new material industry. Phase angle - start peak current test (typical)

high performance performance performance performance unit: Programmable AC power supply of Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can set the initial phase angle and end phase angle of voltage. The conventional application is to set the initial phase angle to 90 °, Verify the maximum peak current and surge current of electronic products at startup

2. Multiple output modes -- one machine with multiple functions

programmable AC power supply not only outputs pure AC or DC independently, but also outputs AC and DC hybrid (ac+dc), realizing multi-mode output and multiple functions of one machine

3. Voltage fluctuation simulation - verify the anti-interference ability of the tested object to abnormal power supply (typical)

High Performance Programmable AC power supply integrates list, step, line simulation and other functions, which can directly set electrical parameters (such as voltage, phase, frequency, time, etc.), accurately simulate output sudden rise and fall, interruption and other types of voltage, and provide various types of power input for the verification of electronic product performance and function

second, test equipment - ZDS oscilloscope

zds4054 plus oscilloscope has powerful parameter measurement, statistical functions and comprehensive trigger and decoding functions. It has 512M deep storage and 1million times of high waveform refresh rate. It also innovatively adds the waveform detection function of zexplore, and is widely used in many industries and fields such as power supply, intelligent electronics, automotive electronics, etc

1. ZDS oscilloscope loop test

in the switching power supply and operational amplifier feedback network, loop analysis can measure the curve of the gain and phase of the system with frequency (Bode diagram), analyze the gain margin and phase margin of the system to judge the stability of the system. The loop test and analysis software embedded in zds4000 not only has perfect loop test methods and accurate measurement accuracy, And the test operation and user experience are innovatively designed

2. ZDS oscilloscope - power analysis function

the quality of switching power supply directly affects the technical performance, safety and reliability of products. Engineers have been puzzled by many power test items, large amount of calculation and cumbersome statistics. In order to solve these problems, Zhiyuan electronics has added power analysis functions such as switching loss, SOA and inductance test in the oscilloscope

3. ZDS oscilloscope SOA safe working area test

switching devices bear large power consumption for a long time, but overvoltage or overcurrent may cause device damage or even explosion. The SOA safe working area measurement function customized by ZDS oscilloscope can accurately evaluate all States of switching devices in the whole working cycle, and clearly give the abnormal probability that the power supply exceeds the safe working area, so that engineers can better evaluate the working stability of the power supply

4. ZDS oscilloscope switch loss one key test

pfc MOS switch loss test is a difficulty in power debugging. Because the voltage and current waveforms are different in different cycles, the accurate evaluation of power loss also depends more on the waveform capture of aluminum tube butt welded aluminum plastic tube gb/t18997.2 ⑵ 003 aluminum plastic composite pressure tube (butt welding) cj/t159 ⑵ 002 with a long time and high sampling rate, Therefore, the storage depth and the number of original points of power loss calculation become the key to the accuracy of switching loss

zds oscillograph can reach a maximum storage depth of 512M, and can accurately quantify the power loss of switching devices through full hardware accelerated processing and optimization

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