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Triangle box beverage aseptic packaging machine

<5.4 frost resistance P> Guangdong Far East Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., in order to meet the new requirements of the growing dairy industry for packaging, studied and opened 1 First, the force sensor of the tension machine sends out the compound paper triangle beverage aseptic packaging machine, which has been mass produced

this aseptic packaging machine is divided into two series: vertical and horizontal. The vertical is fully automatic optical, electrical and mechanical integration, using photoelectric detection and computer control. The whole packaging process, from rewinding, sorting, printing date (batch number), edge joining pretreatment, to packaging material sterility, molding, filling, cutting and sending out, is automatically completed on the same machine. Only one person is required to take care of it, and the yield is more than 98%. The products are divided into 1200, 1500, 1800, 2500, 3000 packages/output specifications, and the packaging capacity is 125ml, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml, Each machine can be used as a single or multiple specification product, forming a triangle with equal four sides, which can be placed smoothly at will. In order to facilitate consumers' drinking, a hose hole is set at the top of one corner. Its packaging material is a paper plastic aluminum five layer composite material that is slightly thinner than the brick package. Taking the 175m l capacity as an example, the packaging cost of each package is not more than 0.2 yuan, which can package both dairy products and other beverages

the horizontal type is semi-automatic, which also adopts photoelectric detection and computer control, without pneumatic. In recent years, automatic packaging has been combined with automatic filling machine. Only two people are needed to take care of it, and the yield is over 98%

whether vertical or horizontal, packaged products meet the requirements of sterile packaging, with a shelf life of 6-12 months

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