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Triangle tire is listed in the top 10 measures to promote the global brand strategy

recently, triangle tire passenger tire sales department held a China Marketing Seminar in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The purpose of this meeting is to learn the marketing concept of excellent strategic partners, observe their actual operation mode, and promote the global brand strategy of triangle.

during the meeting, the tire sales department of triangle passenger car summarized the domestic market work in the first three quarters, and introduced 10 domestic market measures in 2017 to connect the power supply

at the meeting, some excellent dealers introduced their marketing experience for the guests to learn from

triangle tire dealers and retailers participating in the meeting watched Dongguan Haibo company and triangle image store together, and exchanged the company's operation and retail store business philosophy

then, triangle tire can export these data through RS232 port at the same time. The heads of marketing, production and R & D fields of Co., Ltd. can have a discussion with the participants to listen to their opinions and suggestions on the market, products and other aspects

dealers are satisfied with the quality improvement of triangle brand, and are excited about the inch size new products that have been launched this year and will be launched next year

they said that they should focus on breaking through the utilization rate of products above 17 inches in high-end cars according to the planning scheme

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