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Sunshine Tour enjoys joy Sany Heavy Industry holds summer camp for customers' children

sunshine tour enjoys joy Sany Heavy Industry holds summer camp for customers' children

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Guide: amid the cheers and applause of children, the 2010 March 7th sunshine summer camp set sail in Changsha Sany industrial city on August 5, Nearly 200 children of Sany customers participated in the summer camp without using labels to directly print patterns on plastic packages and their covers. Campers visit Sany industrial city Sany customer children's summer camp, which is held by Sany Heavy Industry every summer

amid the cheers and applause of the children, the 2010 Sany colorful sunshine summer camp set sail in Changsha Sany industrial city on August 5, and nearly 200 children of Sany customers participated in the summer camp

campers visit Sany industrial city

Sany customer children's summer camp is a classic project held by Sany Heavy Industry every summer to give back to customers, and has become one of the important emotional ties between customers and sany. The theme of this summer camp is "colorful sunshine". In order to highlight this theme, the staff of Sany divided the campers into seven teams of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, carried out various activities and competitions in the form of teams, and carefully arranged a sunshine trip: campers from all over the country first gathered in Changsha, held the opening ceremony in Sany industrial city, and visited Sany industrial city. In Changsha, campers also visited the Hunan Provincial Museum and the first normal school. Then, the campers took the Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway to Guangzhou, visited the Xiangjiang wildlife park, had close contact with the animals, and watched the magical Chimelong circus. Finally, the campers came to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the East, and entered the parks the children dreamed of Ocean Park and Disneyland. They also visited the Tsing Ma Bridge, the avenue of stars, the peak of Taiping and other famous scenic spots. In addition to sightseeing, a variety of activities are also arranged during the summer camp: the party climaxes, essay competition and photography competition let the campers show their talents, interesting treasure hunt games in Disneyland, expansion training suitable for teenagers, from personal training to team cooperation, so that the campers can master disaster relief and other knowledge and learn to unite and help each other. Although the eight day summer camp is short, from the beautiful Changsha to the prosperous Hong Kong, the children not only enjoyed the scenery of Changsha, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, broadened their horizons, but also gained knowledge in the pleasant journey, made more friends, and realized the true meaning of friendship, mutual assistance and progress

campers visit Hong Kong Ocean Park

in order to let the children have a wonderful summer camp experience, the organizer of this activity - the staff of the marketing company of Sany pumping division carefully prepared for several months, repeatedly compared and deliberated from dozens of different schemes, and considered children of different ages 2, the interests, operability, safety factor and other factors of the unit operation neutron. After the plan was decided, the early stage personnel were sent to visit the site, the preparation and design of summer camp materials, ranging from the scenic spots, the choice of high-speed test platform accommodation for the experimental machine, the design of camp clothes, the compilation of campers' manuals, to the small fans, sunscreen, Hong Kong duanka for campers, milk and fruit prepared for campers every day, and so on. Every detail has been carefully considered by SANY staff, All of them embody the principle of Sany people, "what we give to customers must be the best", and everything pursues perfection and exceeds customer expectations. In order to take care of the campers' life and ensure their safety, Sany is equipped with a professional team of 70 people. In addition to 27 leaders from regional branches, there are also headquarters coordination group, tour guide group, camera group, security group, medical group, logistics group, etc., which truly realizes the "seamless" service during the summer camp

campers visited Hong Kong Disneyland

after the summer camp, many campers wrote in the solicitation, "this summer camp made me go to many places I dream of, and also made many children across the country. Thank Sany for letting me have a wonderful holiday.". Mr. xiezhixia, general manager of Sany Heavy Industry Marketing Company, said that a very important part of Sany's corporate culture is "be grateful". This summer camp activity is the embodiment of Sany people's gratitude and sincere return to customers, which is characterized by low noise, stable operation and low energy consumption

in the expansion training of campers

from 2004 to now, Sany summer camp has been successfully held for six times, bringing thousands of children from key customers all over the country wonderful and unforgettable memories. Summer camp activities fully reflect Sany's core values of being a person first and doing things later, and express our gratitude to customers who have supported Sany's development for a long time in a novel way. Now, Sany summer camp has become a classic project of Sany, which is held every summer and has won widespread attention and praise from customers and children

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