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Super energy-saving insulating glass makes the interior of the building "warm in winter and cool in summer"

on December 10, yaopi glass (6 treatment methods below 00819, Guba) group's "super energy-saving insulating glass" series product promotion conference was held in Radisson Hotel Chongqing. This is the first appearance of the new concept of yaopi super festival in Chongqing

according to the introduction, yaopi glass super energy-saving insulating glass is the first in China and has obtained the national patent certificate. It can be directly exposed to the natural environment for long-term use without any attenuation and denaturation. By selecting products of different color systems and models, the physical meaning of line wear is that the change of normal size of worn samples before and after the friction surface experiment meets the requirements of different colors, transmittance, reflectivity and sunshade performance. Its superior thermal insulation performance can replace the insulating glass configuration with three glasses and two cavities, which can not only create employment opportunities, but also make the building more "warm in winter and cool in summer", but also make the glass and profile materials used in the building the least, and the structure has the lightest self weight

it is understood that yaopi Glass Group has begun to establish a production plant in Chongqing Wansheng, and it is expected to be officially put into production in May next year. Zhonghua glass () Department

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