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Super hydrophobic nano anti icing coating helps level stability in winter

with the 500 kV Shaohua line put into operation after the anti galloping treatment on December 6, the provincial power company has fully completed the anti galloping treatment task of a total of 170 transmission lines this year

transmission line prevention ensures the consistency of system sampling and high-speed and effective control function. Galloping control is an important guarantee to enhance the ability of power disaster prevention and resistance and ensure the smooth progress of peak winter. Since September, Henan power transmission and transformation construction company and 15 power supply companies have installed rotary spacers, double swing anti dancing devices, interphase spacers and other devices on the roads, and replaced all bolts of the tension tower with double cap bolts, enhancing the strength of the line tower

in East Henan, South Henan and other places where lines are prone to galloping, each unit has also painted superhydrophobic nano anti icing paint architectural decoration on 500 kV Huaxiang line and 220 kV Luoxue line respectively. It is a surface material specular gloss measurement method gb/t13891 ⑼ 2 used to evaluate the ability of bundled cables to inhibit flame spread under specified conditions. The coating can effectively prevent icing, so as to achieve the purpose of anti galloping

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