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"Super intelligence" issue 10: take you to explore the things behind artificial intelligence

Gong Ke, executive director of the new generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Research Institute

Zhang Dixuan, general manager of atlas products of Huawei intelligent computing business department

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Tianjin North news: at 16:30 p.m. on December 6, Tianjin cloud client exclusively broadcast "super intelligence" issue 10, with more than 500000 viewers. Artificial intelligence has become a hot word in our age. Everyone likes to talk about it, but what is the support behind artificial intelligence? How important is a small chip? In this episode of super intelligence, Mr. Gong Ke, executive director of the new generation AI Development Strategy Research Institute, and Zhang Dixuan, general manager of atlas products of Huawei's intelligent computing business department, talked about the things behind AI. Let's quickly follow Jinyun new media to review the quick essence of this program

what is supporting AI

nowadays, we can hear the term artificial intelligence everywhere. Have you ever thought about the extensive use of artificial intelligence in the industry? What is the support behind it? That is calculating power! What is computational power? Gong Ke, executive director of the new generation AI Development Strategy Research Institute, believes that it can be simply explained as the ability of computing. We often hear the terms big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. What is the relationship between them? According to Zhang Dixuan, general manager of atlas products of Huawei intelligent computing business department, cloud computing is more like the base of big data. Big data depends on cloud computing to process huge data, and artificial intelligence is an application scenario of big data. How important is computational power? Many technologies have existed for a long time, but they have not been realized because of the lack of computing power. It can be said that computing power is the basis for the development of artificial intelligence

how does computational power change our lives

what is the use of computational power in our daily life? In this issue of super intelligence, AI Lab takes you to find out. The host came to the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the easily decomposed part of lignin is produced, to take us to understand what the brain system of the smart city is like. Simply put, the urban brain is to collect, store and analyze the data of the whole city to reflect the level of urban services for residents. The program team connects with a school within the Development Zone on site, and asks school teachers to count the number of people in school in real time. The statistical results are compared with the machine calculation results. According to manual statistics, the number of students in this school is more than 3500, and the smart city brain system shows that there are more than 3700. Such statistical accuracy is already very high at present, which is behind a lot of computing power

with the improvement of computing power, its application is also more and more widely, including safe cities, smart transportation, smart medicine and so on. For example, general manager Zhang Dixuan said that Huawei and Shenzhen traffic police cooperated to create a smart traffic light. In the past, it used to be to watch the light and read the seconds to pass. Now it is to watch the car with the light and read the number of cars to pass. It is believed that these applications will greatly improve the convenience of people's life in the future

how is Chinese core refined

chip is a general term for semiconductor component products. To put it simply, chips are made on the surface of semiconductor wafers after a series of operations, such as the design, manufacturing, self-confidence in public and easy packaging of integrated circuits. Don't underestimate this small chip, which is the cornerstone of building information systems. So how difficult is it to develop chips? Take Huawei's Kirin 980 chip for example. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested, the research and development cycle is about 18 months

in fact, in most cases, if we use the method of buying to build information systems, it may be faster and cheaper, but the problem is that the core technology is controlled by others. No matter how large and how high the market value of an Internet enterprise is, if the core components are heavily dependent on foreign countries and the lifeline of the supply chain is in the hands of others, it is like building a house on the wall of others. No matter how big and beautiful, it may not stand the wind and rain, and even be vulnerable. For this reason, Huawei has to spend more than 10% of its revenue on research and development every year. The general technical conditions for steel fire doors GB 12955 (9) 1 to ensure that it has mastered the core technology. At present, Huawei's chip energy efficiency has reached a very high level, directly pointing to the need for intelligence, and occupies a place in the world's information and communication industry

interactive highlights

friends: what is Huawei's next breakthrough in chip and computing power

Zhang Dixuan: this year, we have released shengteng chips 310 and 910. Next year, our corresponding products will better serve various application scenarios

friend: AI is just a computer that processes information according to human programming, so it's not intelligent, is it

Gong Ke: AI is first artificial, then intelligent, but AI has a certain learning ability, which is not completely told by people. The ability of AI has exceeded that of simply completing actions according to procedures. There are many parameters in the artificial neural network that are not artificially determined at one time, but optimized by AI itself, so it should be said that it is intelligent to a certain extent

friend: high computing power, in addition to fast speed, what other practical applications can it have

Gongke: it depends on what you need in different application scenarios. High computing power can be expressed in terms of speed, accuracy, etc. under different application scenarios, improving computing power can greatly improve the ability to achieve application goals

attention! President Gongke plans the key points in each phase

today, our artificial intelligence puts forward very high requirements for computing power. Without strong computing power, we can't talk about a new generation of artificial intelligence, and the foundation of strong computing power lies in our chips. The most important cornerstone of the AI industry is high-density dedicated chips. I'm glad to see that today our Chinese enterprises have made a very good start in this regard. (Jin Yun Hou Jing)

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