The hottest super box with 35 patents was released

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The "super box" environmental express carton with 35 patents has been released

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core enables the pressure testing machine not only to be used for the compressive strength test of cement tips: on July 13, the "super box" environmental protection express carton jointly developed by Dongguan Xiangsheng industry Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sunshine science and Technology Research Institute for five years held a product launch in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Experts and entrepreneurs from China Invention Association, China Association for environmental economy, China Express Association, China Post, dangdangluo Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Association for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and representatives of nearly 500 packaging enterprises across the country gathered together to witness that Dongguan's traditional manufacturing industry relies on scientific and technological innovation, integrates Internet applications, realizes transformation and upgrading, and realizes leapfrog development

at the press conference, caijianxiang, the general production manager of Dongguan Xiangsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and the co inventor of "super box" environmental express cartons, introduced that at present, the scale of the national express industry is developing rapidly, and the number of express packages must also follow the rapid development. According to the data of the State Post Office, the total number of express deliveries in China reached 50.7 billion in 2018, which is expected to reach 100billion in 2020 and 700billion in the next 10 years. At the same time, it will also cause huge consumption of plastic, paper and other raw materials, and also form a potential huge source of pollution, which poses a severe challenge to ecological environmental protection. In this regard, caijianxiang said that the "super box" environmental express carton is a multi-functional environmental express carton, which adopts the "U" box design and corrugated design technology, and uses special environmental protection raw materials. On the basis of saving 30% of raw materials than ordinary environmental protection express cartons, it improves the compression efficiency by more than 50%, and realizes the functions of environmental protection, saving, six side compression resistance, safety and efficiency. It is understood that the "super box" environmental express carton has obtained 35 patents and submitted 4 PCT international patent applications

Zhou Xiaoqi, director of the China Invention Association, said that the current express packaging is mostly composed of plastic and ordinary cartons, which are not environmentally friendly, have poor experience and low packaging safety; Ordinary cartons also have many problems, such as plastic tape is difficult to recycle, inefficient and inconvenient, insufficient compression resistance, and so on. This time, the newly developed "super box" environmental protection express carton specifically solves many disadvantages of the existing express packaging, such as a large number of misuse of polluting plastics and tape, poor compression resistance, sloppy image, poor user experience and so on. As a patented product, while changing the format of the express packaging industry, the "super box" may also become a benchmark case for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. We hope that all sectors of society will pay more attention and support to contribute to the innovative development and green environmental protection of the express packaging industry

Zhao Kai, vice president and Secretary General of the China Circular Economy Association, said that emerging technologies represented by patented technology and invention and innovation have played an immeasurable role in promoting the development of circular economy, and are of great significance for China to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and achieve the goal of ecological civilization. The launch of "super box" environmental protection express carton is another practical case of scientific and technological innovation leading the development of circular economy, which has aroused heated discussion in the express packaging industry. Its series of products not only reflect the advantages of six side compression resistance, efficiency and convenience, cost savings, security and confidentiality, but also creatively establish a set of green logistics packaging solutions, including packaging products, which has played a leading role in the innovation of the industry

Jiao Zheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association, said that in the traditional express industry, nearly 60% of the express industry, represented by non degradable plastic, tape and other express packaging materials, is realized through rubber sealing packaging boxes with binding structures due to factors such as low material prices, which is a challenge and potential threat to the ecological environment. "Super box" has greatly reduced the packaging materials required for express packaging through technological innovation, and has adopted degradable sealing materials, which is undoubtedly an innovation in the field of express industry. In fact, with the demand of the market and the application of new technologies, emerging technologies with intellectual property rights, such as new environmentally friendly packaging materials, smart logistics, smart IOT warehousing, and UAV precision delivery, are bringing profound changes to the express industry, and also profoundly changing the express industry, although this is still a new business form of speculation

XIAOTONGLING, Secretary General of Beijing Sunshine science and Technology Research Institute, said that in the face of various problems in the field of Modern Express packaging industry, such as pollution, material waste, inconvenient unpacking, low pressure resistance and low moisture resistance, the design concept and design process of "super box" is undoubtedly a new trend in the industry, which not only effectively solves the above detailed problems, but also creates a possibility for the technical development and concept updating of the industry. Nearly 40 international and domestic inventions and patented technologies owned by "super box" have been launched at the same time, which has largely solved a series of unsolved problems in the carton packaging industry for many years, such as "de tape, reduction, energy conservation and efficiency, and cost reduction", and provided a strong solution for the realization of green development in the carton packaging industry

Ji Keyi, a consultant expert of sunshine science and Technology Research Institute, said that the integration of manufacturing and service industries, as well as the integration of manufacturing and informatization, has become the general trend of manufacturing transformation and upgrading. The new generation of information technology provides a strong technical foundation, especially after 5g network is commercially available, a decentralized era of interconnection of all things is coming. The manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Today's entrepreneurs can achieve high-quality development only by "passing five passes and cutting six generals". From the introduction of the super box, we know that scientific and technological innovation is helping the express industry move forward on the road of green development, and it also shows us the mission and hope of the manufacturing industry. Dongguan manufacturing industry, represented by the express industry and industry, has always insisted on building its own brand, developing its own invention patents, actively embracing the Internet, and adhering to the concept of green development, which plays a leading and exemplary role in the transformation and upgrading and green development of the express packaging industry

Wei Yumei, Deputy Secretary General of China Association for circular economy, Jia Zhiyong, President of Beijing Sunshine science and Technology Research Institute, Li Xinhua, partner and researcher, Demi, general manager of mengxiang technology, Mr. Peng Haisheng, proposed general manager of Guangdong Tao Rural Agricultural Development Investment Co., Ltd., attended the meeting, and nearly 500 representatives of manufacturing enterprises from all over the country attended the meeting, Discuss the important role of innovation driven development and technological innovation in the future development of express packaging industry and jointly promote ecological civilization

"in order to make the express cartons that consumers will receive more environmentally friendly and recycled, we spent five years developing hundreds of schemes and conducting tens of thousands of tests before successfully launching the products." Caijianxiang introduced that "making express delivery more beautiful and the earth greener" is the vision and mission of the "super box" R & D team, and also the responsibility of the super box. Guided by market demand, the team will explore more innovative mechanisms through technological innovation and process innovation, actively embrace the Internet and new retail business models, create more possibilities, and make due contributions to the construction of ecological civilization

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