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Super anti-counterfeiting - heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting printing technology

heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting is a new high-energy particle anti-counterfeiting technology in recent years, also known as super anti oil system oil leakage, which generally appears in the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline. It is an important anti-counterfeiting technology of high-energy particles with independent intellectual property rights in China (the other is double card nuclear track technology). The research, popularization and application of this technology have made it out of the mysterious Atomic Energy Laboratory and into the field of public life. It is an important achievement in the peaceful use of atomic energy technology. 1. Heavy ion micropore anti-counterfeiting principle heavy ion micropore anti-counterfeiting has its unique advantages. It not only has superior anti-counterfeiting performance, its materials and technology are specially controlled by the state, which can not be obtained by counterfeiters (it needs to use high-energy particle special control equipment to make plates). There are some advanced tensile machines on the market, in addition to the above items, and their identification methods are simple, which are suitable for first-line, second-line and third line anti-counterfeiting. We know that matter is composed of atoms, which are composed of atomic nuclei and electrons moving around the nucleus. The electrons in the atoms are stripped and turned into ions. Heavy ions with certain energy can penetrate the plastic film, causing damage and leaving traces on the plastic film. If these traces are chemically corroded, they can be expanded to form heavy ion micropores with micron diameter and good consistency. The diameter and density of these heavy ion micropores can be controlled. The membrane with heavy ion micropores is a good material for filtration. If a pattern is formed by a large number of heavy ion micropores on the film, under visible light, due to the diffraction and refraction of heavy ion micropores, the human eye will get a white pattern when observing, and the non pattern area will remain transparent. Heavy ion micropores are breathable and permeable. If colored liquid (such as water pen) is applied, the pattern area will be colored, leaving a colored pattern. To achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

2. Heavy ion microporous technology and its anti-counterfeiting properties heavy ions with certain energy can penetrate plastic films, so how to make heavy ions have sufficient functions? Research in nuclear physics tells us that heavy ion accelerators can provide sufficient energy for nuclear acceleration; Fission fragments in nuclear reactors also have energy to penetrate the membrane. This means that to produce anti-counterfeiting films with heavy ion microporous patterns, the premise is to use heavy ion accelerators or nuclear reactors. These nuclear facilities are under the strict supervision of the relevant national departments. To build and own these equipment, only with funds, it is not possible without the approval of the competent national nuclear facilities department. The trace left by the ion breakdown film can form a fixed angle with the film surface. It is found that these traces can form heavy ion micropores with different shapes by different methods, such as conical, cylindrical, biconical through holes or through holes. These holes of different shapes can also be combined as required. Different holes have different optical effects

researchers used various specific friction forces (f); The visible and invisible heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting marks were developed. The heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting technology takes the transparent film as the raw material, uses the heavy ion radiation energy generated by the heavy ion generator to radiate onto the plastic film, and breaks down the plastic film to form a breathable and permeable anti-counterfeiting logo pattern composed of micropores, which is divided into coloring transparent printing type, dripping water loss type, invisible microporous type and comprehensive type. The pore diameter, pore density and pore type of micropores are observed through the microscope, and the authenticity is distinguished by comparing with the ad hoc parameters. If ordinary consumers can use the simplest way to identify and prove that the pattern is composed of heavy ion micropores, it will make the promotion and application of this anti-counterfeiting logo possible. Use a colored liquid, such as painting the pattern with a watercolor pen, remove the heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting film from the substrate, and leave a transparent color pattern on the substrate, which proves that the pattern gradually introduced into BYD purchasing circle is composed of heavy ion micropores. However, the anti-counterfeiting film is adhered to the substrate with adhesive, which is easy to block the heavy ion micropores, making the colored liquid unable to pass through. Therefore, the adhesive used must not block the heavy ion micropores, but also make the coloring viscosity appropriate and not stick to the anti-counterfeiting film when uncovered

it is not easy to meet these requirements, which must be solved with high technology. Now the heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting logo meets this requirement and achieves both. At the same time, its hole density, hole shape and other parameters have opened up a place for multiple anti-counterfeiting and expert recognition. The biggest feature of the heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting technology is that the identification method is extremely easy. As long as the protective film on the logo is removed, and then painted with colored paint, the paint leaks into the microporous pattern, and then the excess paint on it is wiped off, the anti-counterfeiting pattern will appear at a glance. Heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting is a unique new anti-counterfeiting technology, which has high anti-counterfeiting performance. Other anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as exquisite laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, color temperature change, light change ink anti-counterfeiting, all kinds of plate anti-counterfeiting, watermark paper anti-counterfeiting, rainbow printing anti-counterfeiting, etc., also have their own characteristics. If they can be organically combined with heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting technology, it will be a major breakthrough in the field of anti-counterfeiting

3. Application of heavy ion microporous technology in the field of anti-counterfeiting printing after years of research, Tsinghua University has developed the above-mentioned heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting technology product - heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting logo by applying atomic energy science and technology and combining the application technology of other disciplines. The novelty of this product is that the pattern of its anti-counterfeiting logo is composed of a large number of heavy ion micropores with very small and uniform pore size. This kind of heavy ion micropore cannot be imitated by mechanical and laser methods. Heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting logo is developed on the basis of two high-tech research results, one is nuclear heavy ion microporous membrane technology, the other is heavy ion lithography. Its manufacturing method includes three steps:

first, uranium fission fragments induced by accelerator heavy ions or reactor neutrons are used as "shells" to bombard the plastic film, causing ionization damage on the surface and inside of the plastic film, forming a nuclear track base film; Then, the anti-counterfeiting logo master pattern is copied into a transition film plate and printed on the base film to form a lithographic mask; Finally, through the chemical etching process, the pattern composed of heavy ion micropores and the same as the original master is produced on the base film. Heavy ion microporous labels are made by indirect irradiation imaging method, which is the development and application of heavy ion lithography in the field of anti-counterfeiting. The pore density of heavy ion micropores can reach millions of heavy ion micropores per cubic centimeter. The diameter of the micropore is very small, which is only about 1% of the diameter of a hair in the micron or submicron range, and cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, due to the light diffraction and refraction of heavy ion micropores, the anti-counterfeiting pattern composed of a large number of micropore communities is visually white, which is easy to be recognized by the naked eye, and has become the basis for the public to identify the authenticity of commodities macroscopically, while the microstructure and characteristics of heavy ion micropores can be observed by optical microscope. The heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting logo has the characteristics of "micro setting and macro display", which realizes the anti-counterfeiting goal of combining expert identification with public identification. On the one hand, heavy ion micropores have very strict micro scientific parameters, such as pore density, pore diameter, heavy pore probability and so on. These parameters can form strict password signals through irradiation and etching process control, which can be permanently stored in the body and become the scientific basis for expert identification and legal identification

on the other hand, in the anti-counterfeiting logo, the design scheme that each logo pattern is composed of millions of heavy ion micropores is adopted, so that the invisible millions of pixels are "amplified" into a visible macro pattern, and then the optical and permeability of heavy ion micropores are used to make the pattern disappear or make printing. Without the help of any instruments and equipment, the authenticity can be judged only by the eyes; Micro densification and macro display are the essence and vitality of heavy ion microporous anti-counterfeiting technology. At present, heavy ion anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly used in laser holographic film, various paper, plastic film and other materials, and can be used in the packaging of various tickets, documents, advanced products, etc. it is a new generation of anti-counterfeiting technology with advanced technology and superior anti-counterfeiting performance

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