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Recently, sungrow power and IBC solar assisted the maniago project and learned from sungrow Power Co., Ltd., the largest photovoltaic inverter manufacturer in Asia, that a large 5MW photovoltaic power station using its inverter had been successfully incorporated into Italian medium voltage power in the winter of 2012

the power station is located in mannago, Italy, with a total installed capacity of 5MW. It is developed, designed and constructed by ibcsolarag, the world's leading photovoltaic system expert. After completion, the annual output can be realized. At this time, the stepless variable speed experimental machine with several to 2000 revolutions can be realized. Yangneng clean energy is 6million kwh, which can meet the use of 1500 Italian families, and the annual emission reduction of CO2 is about 3300 tons

it is reported that the 321 inverters used in the power station are all three-phase series inverters of sunshine power supply. The inverter product has high conversion efficiency and can convert DC into AC that can be fed into electricity. Compared with power station inverter, it is lighter, which makes the concept of distributed inverter more flexible and easy to install, without the assistance of hoisting machinery, and helps EPC, investors and developers reduce installation and maintenance costs

Wang Weijun, vice president of sungrow power and general manager of overseas sales department, said: "Sunshine power always provides customers with high-quality products and services. Otherwise, the experiment will not be ideal. The total amount of imported testing instruments every year is close to 50% of the total output value of China's testing instrument industry. The report points out that when developing new products or upgrading a certain technology, we pay attention to the immediate and potential needs of customers. Our tireless focus on the renewable energy industry has won us more and more loyal partners all over the world. Yes, the so-called success It should be win-win. " Since September, 2012, sungrow power and ibcsolar have officially reached cooperation. IBC will fully introduce sungrow power inverters in major European markets, including some power stations invested by itself. "By including the products of sunshine power into our product catalogue, we have broadened the range of high-quality products and have an ideal cost performance ratio of more than 1 ton.", Norberthahn, a member of ibcsolar's board of directors, said

it is understood that after a period of operation, all control functions of the photovoltaic power station can meet the requirements of the power company in any case, and can be compatible with the products of solare- datensy steme, meteor- control, skytronpapendorf- Se and other companies as partners of sunshine power supply

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