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The "Iron Army" of XCMG loaders with strong combat power works for the southwest border of the motherland

the "Iron Army" of XCMG loaders works for the southwest border of the motherland

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in the large port group in the southwest border of the motherland, nearly 50 XCMG loaders work 24 hours a day, hard-working, forming a "Iron Army" of XCMG loaders, Work hard with the port to help customers succeed

large port group

replaces imported brands and prefers XCMG loaders

for the choice of loader brands, the port has also experienced a tangle process. The port has a huge cargo volume, 24-hour working mechanism, people and machines do not stop, and needs a reliable "Iron Army" to serve the port. The goods are mainly high dust goods such as coal, mineral powder, sulfur, etc. in addition, the port is located in the southwest of the motherland, and the climate is humid, The corrosion of loader is serious. This series of practical conditions made general manager Ding, who was in charge of the purchase of port handling equipment, helpless

General manager Ding, who is in charge of the purchase of port handling equipment, deepened the cooperation between industry, University and research. "In the initial brand selection, we prefer imported brands. At the beginning of use, we have obvious advantages, high efficiency, but the price is expensive, the purchase cost is too high, and the shortcomings of late services and spare parts are gradually exposed, which have seriously affected our work progress." talking about the original dilemma, President Ding still felt vividly "Later, the domestic construction machinery industry developed rapidly and its level was comparable to that of the world, so we changed our thinking and began to turn to domestic brands. The domestic construction machinery brands must first choose XCMG. After in-depth understanding, we found that XCMG loaders are indeed as efficient and reliable as we heard. The outstanding advantage lies in its fuel saving and environmental protection. Compared with imported vehicles, the fuel saving of each vehicle is very considerable, which greatly reduces our workload As cost. "

XCMG V series loaders operate in ports

XCMG V series loaders operate in ports

in addition to bringing real oil cost savings to ports, in view of the corrosive characteristics of port environment, XCMG has made special anti-corrosion measures in equipment coating, sealing and other aspects. It is difficult to ensure that the wire rod maintains effective occlusion in the process of changing the experiment only by manually screwing the clamping blocks with different thickness and different tooth surfaces. In this way, The service life and durability of the equipment are greatly improved

XCMG provides customized services and spare parts measures for the port

the "logistics force" behind the "Iron Army"

XCMG provides customized services and spare parts measures for the port in addition to customized equipment

where there are XCMG loaders in the port, there are XCMG service personnel who have been stationed in the port for a long time to escort the nearly 50 XCMG loaders. The specially established spare parts warehouse has a working mechanism of 7 * 24 hours a week, ready for orders and on call, which makes 24-hour non intermittent and non optimal use a reality. In their spare time, the service staff also conducted product training for the port operators to strive for more efficient use of products. The port pilots laughed and said that they were also the logistics force of XCMG's "Iron Army"

XCMG lw700hv loader

XCMG large tonnage loader batch delivery

with the increase of freight volume, the port's choice of loaders has gradually advanced to large tonnage. The hot sales of XCMG lw700hv also make the port's admiration for its high temperature aging resistance, component space stability and impact resistance. Recently, lw700hv loaders have entered the port in batches, and the cooperation between XCMG loaders and the port has also opened the era of large tonnage! (this article is from XCMG)

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