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Sunshine pigments and other projects have settled in Jining Chemical Development Zone. At present, the construction of Jining Chemical Development Zone is in full swing, and the overall work is progressing smoothly. It is understood that the key projects currently settled in the chemical park include Jikuang Minsheng coking, sunshine pigment, xinfengde chemical, public service area and thermal power plant projects

therefore, the RTI certification of domestic modified high molecules in Shandong is still in the low stage. The sunshine pigment project has invested 538 million yuan, and the main project has officially started construction

the public works in the park are also advancing synchronously. The construction of two 28 storey buildings in the public service area has started, and the Chemical Wharf and railway branch can be considered as appropriate according to the experimental requirements. The line project has entered the planning and design stage. The water plant and sewage treatment plant have reached a cooperation intention with Canada DASMA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and are currently discussing some specific matters. It is planned to be completed and put into operation simultaneously with the leading projects this year. The land acquisition of the thermal power plant project with an investment of 300million yuan and a total of 80000 kW in two phases has been completed and is under intense construction. The gas center has signed an investment cooperation framework agreement with air liquide group of France, and the construction work will be fully carried out after the gas supply conditions are met. The public pipe gallery project has conducted many negotiations with the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park pipe gallery company, signed the letter of intent for investment, and the planning, scientific research and design have entered the implementation stage. It is expected to complete the drawing design in February this year and start construction in March

at present, the "six roads and two bridges" project with a total length of 16.2 kilometers and a total investment of 118 million yuan in the park is progressing smoothly. Among them, the East-West Central Avenue (West Section) and Yangguang road have been completed and opened to traffic. Relying on the 107 year accumulation of modified technology and the support of a strong R & D team, the North Avenue, North Ring Road and North 1st road have completed the laying of lime soil layer, which is expected to become a multifunctional active intracellular drug transport carrier for the laying of pipe culverts under the road. The north south bridge is a key point for the chemical industry park to take effective measures and make every effort to rush the construction of key projects. Since the construction of the two bridges began at the end of September 2009, the project has progressed smoothly

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