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China will be the world's largest nuclear power market in the future. At the 2011 academic annual meeting of the Chinese nuclear society, zhangguobao, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and former director of the national energy administration, disclosed that after March 2012, nuclear power may enter the track of recovery and development, and China will be the world's largest nuclear power market at this time

the industry speculates that the nuclear power approval may be restarted in 2012

the inland leap forward of nuclear power braked sharply

the inland nuclear power tide came a little off guard

The ice and snow in 2008 mercilessly damaged the fragile energy system of China's inland provinces, and also strengthened the determination of the rulers to accelerate the development of nuclear power

after the ice disaster, Hubei Xianning Dafan nuclear power station, Hunan Yiyang Taohuajiang nuclear power station and Jiangxi Jiujiang Pengze nuclear power station soon became the first batch of inland nuclear power stations to obtain the national development and Reform Commission's road strip (i.e. the approval to carry out preliminary work)

at the same time, Liaoning, Jilin, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing and other regions have also announced their own nuclear power planning, trying to change the threat to the development of inland provinces due to energy shortage through the establishment of nuclear power plants

according to the data disclosed by the national telegraph in july2010, among the 43 nuclear power projects in China that have completed the preliminary feasibility study report, 31 are inland nuclear power plants. In addition, the reverse bend of 20 degrees can not meet the requirements of the new standard. There are also a large number of nuclear power plants in the inland that are planned to be in the stage of universal suffrage

at present, the existing nuclear power projects in China are all built along the coast. If the above-mentioned projects are launched, there will certainly be a strong wave of inland nuclear power, and the layout of national nuclear power dominated by coastal areas will also be broken

however, on march11,2011, the Japanese nuclear accident happened unexpectedly, which easily stopped the great leap forward of China's nuclear power

on the sixth day after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant suffered a nuclear leak caused by the East Japan earthquake, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council chaired a State Council executive meeting and decided to immediately conduct a comprehensive security check on China's nuclear facilities; Immediately stop the construction of nuclear power plants that do not meet the safety standards; Before the approval of the nuclear safety plan, the nuclear power project was suspended from approval by changing the single 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combined and intelligent plastic granulator

the construction of nuclear power in inland provinces came to an abrupt end

China's early nuclear power plants were built along the coast. The main reasons are: China's inland areas are densely populated, and once a nuclear accident occurs, the problem will be very serious; But foreign countries are different. Many nuclear power plants in France are built inland, and more than 100 nuclear power plants in the United States are generally evenly distributed

appropriately arranging several nuclear power plants inland has become a problem considered by zhangguobao, former director of the national energy administration. Before the Fukushima nuclear accident, the three inland nuclear power plants, beixianning in Taohuajiang lake, Hunan and Pengze in Jiangxi, had been reported to the State Council, but the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred before approval. Although it was not approved, the national development and Reform Commission still issued a guidepost to allow them to carry out preliminary work

the three first batch of inland nuclear power plants have been in a waiting state. According to the analysis of insiders, on the one hand, they are waiting for the release of the nuclear safety plan; on the other hand, they are related to the recent controversy about the safety of the third generation nuclear power technology

nuclear power restart is on the agenda again

it takes about 10-20 years for a nuclear power operator to wait for the approval of the plan and the completion of the nuclear power plant

many people can't wait for the approval of this nuclear power plant. Maybe they will retire soon. It's the most difficult thing to do nuclear power. Informed sources told China Economic Weekly that the requirements for the construction of nuclear power plants are much stricter than those for ordinary facilities. For example, if the nuclear power plant is located in an earthquake zone, it is necessary to find the Seismological Bureau, obtain the consent of the Civil Aviation Bureau for aircraft routes, and even the Ministry of national defense. All these add up to dozens of documents to be obtained. After that, hundreds of experts will be specially organized to surround the plant site for a year to review. Pengze, Jiangxi Province, has been in operation for more than 10 years. Many people there have just graduated from university to prepare for the nuclear power plant. When he retires, the plant has not yet come out

recently, there have been news that the approval of new nuclear power projects has been restarted

it is reported that the nuclear safety plan prepared under the leadership of the national nuclear safety administration has been submitted to the State Council, and the nuclear safety plan and the medium and long term development adjustment plan of nuclear power prepared by the national energy administration will be submitted to the State Council soon

as a direct participant, zhangguobao knows the background of the nuclear safety plan and the nuclear safety plan very well

five days after the Fukushima nuclear accident last year, the State Council issued four national regulations on the advanced technology and leading output of various polyurethane raw materials in China. The minutes of the report at that time made it clear that the national energy administration would formulate the nuclear power safety plan. However, Article 4 of the State Council also stipulates that the nuclear safety administration shall take the lead in making the nuclear safety plan. Therefore, the nuclear safety administration made the nuclear safety plan, the energy administration made the nuclear safety plan, and the nuclear safety plan covers the nuclear safety plan. The two plans are overlapping, and must be collected before coming out. Zhangguobao said

if the nuclear safety plan, nuclear safety plan and nuclear power medium and long term development adjustment plan are approved, it means that the approval of new nuclear power projects will enter the substantive operation stage. According to the source, this series of policies and procedures will be completed as soon as the end of March this year

some experts predict that in the near future, from south to north, from east to west, more and more nuclear power plants will be slowly listed on the map of China. After a short and moderate adjustment, China's nuclear power may enter a golden age

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