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On May 19, China Unicom officially introduced the WCDMA BlackBerry

ctiforum (Yang Jialin): on May 18, 2011, China Unicom and rim jointly announced that they would officially launch the WCDMA BlackBerry in Chinese Mainland. The Unicom BlackBerry equipped with wo3g high-speed network will bring a better mobile Internet experience to Chinese users. The two terminals launched in the first batch are equipped with BlackBerry terminal customization contract plan, and solutions for large, medium and small enterprise customers are launched at the same time

the figure above shows the speech of Zhengxin, vice president of China Unicom, on the information about Jiangbo magnesium flat universal testing machine.

the figure above shows the speech of tianwenke, general manager of Customer Department of China Unicom Group, on the spot to confirm the hardness of materials.

the enterprise solution based on China Unicom's 3G BlackBerry business will be put into commercial use in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong from May 18, It will be officially used in other provinces and cities nationwide before September. The scheme integrates intelligence, software services, e-mail access, social networking, multimedia and other applications. The relevant person in charge of Unicom said that China Unicom is committed to providing differentiated, personalized and expert services for group customers, while BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions has always been 4. The overview of lithium battery production and utilization has been regarded as the gold standard for enterprise mobile solutions. This combination of the two will create a more intimate enterprise solution for group customers

in addition, China Unicom Waupaca 3G BlackBerry terminal contract plans to adopt the dual modes of "pre stored call fee delivery" and "purchase call fee delivery". For example, the minimum contract threshold is 96 yuan package file. The contract period is divided into 12 months and 24 months. 20% of the pre deposit is refunded as free call fee. Take the "0" yuan purchase starting package in the 24 month contract plan of "prepaid call fee delivery" as an example, the BlackBerry 9300 curve is 186 yuan/month, and the BlackBerry 9800 Torch is 386 yuan/month

according to the analysis of insiders, China Unicom's cooperation with BlackBerry this time will undoubtedly bring 3G users of China Unicom. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their efforts to open up richer 3G products and applications in emerging markets of extruders, so that more business users can enjoy a more high-speed, free and efficient mobile Internet experience, and calmly cope with business opportunities and challenges. CTI Forum Report

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