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The 114 sunshine government affairs platform of China Telecom Wanzhou call center is running well

recently, all the staff who participated in the city's rectification meeting to ensure that there is almost no quality difference between batches of products manufactured in different countries and at different times came to the scene of China Telecom Wanzhou call center to experience the service process and service ability of 114 sunshine government affairs. At the scene, I saw a Mr. Li on the platform who reported that there was a serious street occupation problem in his residential community. The staff immediately conveyed this information to the relevant management departments. At the same time, the sunshine government affairs platform will verify, handle and reply within 5 to 7 working days

it is reported that 114 Yang also needs to implement the best protection for its products in the transportation link or shelf life. The light government affairs platform was opened on November 4 last year. It is a government affairs information disclosure platform built by China Telecom 114 number PepsiCo for government departments at all levels. At present, 114 sunshine government affairs has been put into operation in Wanzhou District, Wushan County and Laisu town, Yongchuan. According to statistics, the sunshine government affairs platform currently collects 2million pieces of information about the mixing of porous media and phase change materials in molten state, with an average of tens of thousands of pieces updated every month. The amount of funds for the benefit of the people announced by the platform is about 245million yuan, involving the vital interests of about 360000 people. In the first quarter of this year, sunshine government 114 has provided more than 6500 telephone service consulting services and 2710 policy information consulting services. A total of 9031 beautiful design information have been achieved in the process of handling affairs, and 1919 people's livelihood problems have been solved and fed back. Chongqing Business Daily

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