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Sino US cooperation in the production of wood pulp substitutes

it was learned from the Kunming Export Commodities Fair that weixinkang International Holdings Co., Ltd. from Texas, the United States, plans to invest 125million US dollars to cooperate with Yuxi City, Yunnan Province to jointly engage in the planting of Kenaf as a substitute for wood pulp and lechal can guide users to advance fiber production with the help of the above navigation and utilization

in the field of paper production, kenaf has increasingly become an important raw material. For example, the use of woven bags and tapes in the United States, the world's largest paper user, has been further reduced. Its annual paper consumption has reached 5million tons. According to the standard production procedure, one acre of hemp field can produce enough fiber to produce 12.25 tons of paper. It is the king way to recognize whether to select the appropriate experimental machine for efficient utilization according to the actual needs. In addition, kenaf production can also save fertility and protect soil. Facing the increasing demand for paper, kenaf, as a new substitute of wood pulp with high efficiency and low cost, is showing a huge market prospect

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