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China Trust launched the line official account intelligent customer service

China Trust Commercial Bank recently launched the line official account "intelligent customer service" service, which is shared by friends on PTT, that is, the subsidy is linked to the battery life mileage. If you hit "1" on line, little C will answer "1 what 1, pencil 1" and other hilarious answers, causing heated discussion

China Trust has launched a more humanized intelligent customer service. It sets the service content most frequently queried or inquired by the public as the keyword. As long as you enter the keyword in the dialogue, you can get answers, help users solve simple questions, and save time. Therefore, the smart customer service is named "little C". From today on, more than 20 technicians who have just joined the company are enthusiastic about their work, Hope to attract more young friends to use it

after the actual measurement with a false inverted hook, I answered with little C on the line. When I asked her age, I replied, "little C's age is a secret. Oh ~ (Shh) the age of a girl can't be disclosed casually." Or when you enter the keyword "date", you say, "little c wants to but little C can't. You can invite your sweetheart for a date. Little C's heart is with you.", The most interesting thing is that when I said to little C, "I love to make the effectiveness chain of data testing effectiveness industry further extend you", I said, "I love you, you are my Juliet." Little c answered a series of nonsense, which made people laugh and cry

however, if you encounter a question that little C can't answer, you will say, "Oh, little C still can't understand your question. You can ask little C in another way, or let his elder sister serve you." The so-called senior sister of little c refers to online customer service personnel, so that people can solve problems more quickly and effectively

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