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China United Equipment Group Co., Ltd. held the first quarter 2020 operation conference. Release date: Source: China United equipment. On April 20, China United equipment held the first quarter 2020 operation video conference to summarize and analyze the operation in the first quarter, report relevant work, and arrange the deployment of key work in the second quarter. Pengshou, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Kaisheng technology group, attended the meeting and made an important speech

Peng Shou's speech

Peng Shou pointed out in his speech that at present, the good situation of epidemic prevention and control in China has been further consolidated, but the international epidemic continues to spread, the downside risks of the world economy have intensified, and instability and uncertainties have increased significantly. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, joint equipment and various enterprises have been able to seize the opportunity, adapt to the new changes and requirements of the market, and adhere to both hands and hard work in epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, The first quarter of 2020 had a "good start". Peng Shou fully affirmed the work of the joint equipment, and believed that the joint equipment had good business performance, good market development, good epidemic prevention and control, with concerted efforts, clear objectives and Fang Xiangming, which made an important contribution to the excellent results achieved by Kaisheng technology in the first quarter

for the next step, Peng Shou asked all units to size up the situation, fully estimate the difficulties, risks and uncertainties, practically enhance the sense of urgency, timely adjust the market strategy, adjust the industrial chain, speed up the innovation drive, solve the bottleneck problem, promote the localization and nationalization of the industrial chain, be prepared for danger in times of peace, turn danger into opportunity, seize the opportunity, based on the enterprise, based on development and grasp all work

Peng Shou gave seven instructions:

first, unswervingly adhere to the development strategy. We should unswervingly adhere to the strategy of China National Building Materials Group and the "4335" guiding principle, the "1336" strategic plan of keyvia technology group, and our confidence in becoming a high-tech equipment manufacturing platform

II. Firm confidence. We will resolutely implement the development strategy of China national building materials and Kaisheng technology group. Joint equipment should be based on itself, boost the morale of cadres and employees, vigorously develop, and expand, strengthen and optimize the equipment platform

III. insist on "grasping with both hands and being hard with both hands". Epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed. We should not only make every effort to ensure the life, health and safety of employees, but also pay close attention to operation, market and order, and innovate the development model

IV. pay attention to the industrial chain and increase the cash flow of enterprises. Strive to solve the difficulties in accounts receivable, make full use of the financing ability of Capvision technology, and achieve "there is food at home, and there is no panic"

2. Select indicators

v. do a good job with innovation, reform and incentive mechanisms. We should improve the innovation ability of enterprises, increase the market competitiveness of products, vigorously develop new products and climb to a new level; We should intensify efforts to improve the reform and incentive mechanism. In terms of reform, we should ensure that "people can go up and down, high-energy and low-energy, and can enter and leave". In terms of incentive mechanism, we should "reward those who do well, promote those who do well, and provide a platform for those who do well". We hope that initial results can be achieved in the second half of the year

Sixth, we should further strengthen party building. Build the grass-roots party organization well. H: avoid the disadvantages of the hydraulic system working for a long time, such as the high temperature of the oil circuit requiring cooling, and do a good job in the vanguard post of Party members. Promote development with Party building and growth with development

VII. Do a good job in safety and environmental protection. Undertake the social responsibility of central enterprises

Lu dangjun's speech

with the increase of metal to metal contact points between the friction Deputy contact surfaces, Lu dangjun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the equipment, with the theme of "overcoming difficulties and turning danger into strategic development", summarized the work of the joint equipment in the first quarter, and made in-depth analysis and comprehensive deployment of the situation and tasks facing us. Lu dangjun pointed out that in the face of the epidemic situation, united equipment and cadres and employees of enterprises at all levels worked together to overcome difficulties. According to the work requirements of China National Building Materials Group and Kaisheng technology group, all enterprises planned and deployed early, coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and enterprise production and operation, overcome difficulties, and took the initiative. The epidemic prevention and control of all enterprises were effective and safe, the resumption of work and production was orderly and comprehensive, the work objectives were clear and clear, and the corporate culture was positive, Market orders have been obtained repeatedly. In the first quarter, the overall operation maintained a stable growth trend. The operating revenue increased by 0.6% year-on-year, and the total profit increased by 8.45% year-on-year. The year-on-year growth of main operating indicators achieved a "good start" in the quarter. Lu dangjun, on behalf of the management team, expressed heartfelt thanks for the joint efforts and hard work of all cadres and workers of the joint equipment

Lu dangjun pointed out that the COVID-19 has caused a major impact on economic and social development. In the face of new difficulties and challenges, the joint equipment enterprises should maintain a clear understanding of the current situation of the epidemic, strengthen their sense of hardship, educate employees to enhance their awareness of public morality, focus on the overall goal of "1+2", reduce the indicators of "4+2", and strengthen research and judgment on "two overall situations", "five focuses and five improvements", "five must" and "ten key tasks" Take the initiative, adjust the focus of work and response measures according to the situation, strive to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, and achieve the goal and task of "more than half of both"

Lu dangjun stressed that at present, we should focus on the work in nine aspects:

first, we should adhere to the principle of being cautious and do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control. Leaders of all enterprises should enhance their sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, take measures to face difficulties and challenges, and make ideological and work preparations for dealing with environmental changes for a long time

second, strengthen confidence, focus on the goal, take multiple measures at the same time, do a good job in production and operation, increase market development, make great efforts to grasp orders, face up to difficulties, analyze the difficulties and weaknesses of the annual goal, minimize the impact of the epidemic, and spare no effort to complete the annual business goals and tasks

the third is to strengthen research and judgment, make good preparations to deal with various difficulties, make full and efficient use of and implement various preferential policies of the state and governments at all levels

fourth, carefully organize and carry out special actions such as "improving quality and efficiency" and "slimming down and fitness", strengthen cost and expense control and "two gold" management, and implement measures of fine management, improving quality and efficiency, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, reducing cost and increasing efficiency

fifthly, enhance the awareness of suffering and the bottom line thinking, and firmly hold the bottom line of no major risk. Take effective measures to strengthen safety and environmental protection, prevent major risks, strengthen management and control of risks, strengthen efforts to promote reform, promote development through reform, and stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of cadres and workers

sixth, adhere to strategic guidance and prepare the "fourteenth five year plan" with high quality. In accordance with the guiding principles of China building materials and the 1336 strategic plan of keyvia technology, find the right position, optimize the layout and strengthen coordination. Seize the opportunity to adjust the structure and cultivate new driving forces for development

seventh, adhere to innovation driven, focus on scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation; Strengthen investment driven by innovation and form a pattern of overall innovation and development

after the impact testing machine is purchased and used for a long time, the last eight is to adhere to the leadership of the party and strengthen party building. With the "year of consolidation and deepening of Party building" as the starting point, we will further compact the management of Party and politics by enterprise party committees, and accelerate the promotion of the quality of Party building work. All enterprise party committees, grass-roots party organizations and the majority of Party members have consistently played a good role in leadership, fighting fortress and vanguard and exemplary role, and promoted the deep integration of Party building and production and operation

nine is to care more about cadres and employees, organize health activities timely and appropriately, and create a harmonious enterprise. All enterprises shall properly handle the relationship between work and life, prevention and control and production, and take effective measures to maintain the physical and mental health of cadres and employees

enterprise exchange speech

at the meeting, Li Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, reported the Party organizational system of the affiliated enterprises in 2019 and the assessment of Party Construction by the party secretary; Liangwei, the deputy general manager, reported the comprehensive evaluation of the subordinate enterprises in 2019 and their tenure; The enterprise management department reported the overall operation effect of the joint equipment and the operation of each enterprise in the first quarter of 2020. Zhongchen Light Machinery Co., Ltd., Hefei Shenma Machinery Co., Ltd., Beixin Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Zhongqing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. exchanged speeches on scientific epidemic prevention and control, orderly resumption of work and production, innovative marketing methods, strengthening overseas market development, management improvement, etc

the meeting required all enterprises to carefully study and understand the spirit of Peng Shou's speech and Lu dangjun's work requirements, define the business objectives of the specimen unit, identify gaps, implement them, continue to plan the work of the whole year, and ensure the realization of the business objectives and work tasks of 2020

the meeting was presided over by deputy general manager yangxiaomin. Members of the joint equipment team, personnel above the assistant level of each department and heads of enterprises in Beijing attended the meeting at the main venue. Each enterprise set up branch venues, and more than 120 people from 21 units attended the meeting

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