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China Unicom and ZTE officially signed the sdn/nfv strategic cooperation agreement recently, China Unicom and ZTE jointly announced that the two sides formally signed the sdn/nfv strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides aim to better grasp the network development trend represented by sdn/nfv through collaborative innovation, realize the landing application of sdn/nfv, promote the construction of China Unicom's new generation network, quickly meet customer needs, and promote China Unicom's network transformation, business innovation and service upgrading. Relevant leaders and experts from China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute and ZTE attended the signing meeting. At the signing meeting, the two sides reached an agreement on the purpose, direction and mode of cooperation, and held a signing ceremony

in 2015, China Unicom released a new generation of network architecture cube net Nahao 2.0 white paper, which defined the cloud and end-to-end dual center decoupling and intensive network architecture, and established the basic idea in the subsequent network evolution and construction: adhere to the leading network service capability and optimal efficiency under multi resource collaboration; Grasp the dual center pattern of user center and data center to drive network architecture evolution and deployment adjustment; Realize decoupling of service function, logic function and deployment function; Focus on four types of intensification: control plane, data management, data center and network node. China Unicom actively promoted the sdn/nfv industry process due to the problems in the experiment. The ETSI volte service based on vepc and VIMS architecture network function Virtualization (nfv) concept verification (POC) project initiated by China Unicom was successfully completed in October 2015, comprehensively verifying the end-to-end volte business based on sdn/nfv, promoting the network function virtualization industry process, and practicing the network as a service concept advocated by China Unicom

according to the new generation network architecture proposed by China Unicom and the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, China Unicom and ZTE will conduct research and cooperation in the open source community, application scenarios, product requirements, business applications, market development and other related directions of sdn/nfv technology, so as to form research results and technology accumulation that are in line with the network development and equipped with the evolution needs of a special calibrated thermometer insertion device, which will provide a long-term Continuous product technical cooperation has laid a solid foundation. The two sides will jointly carry out cooperation for the open source community, scenario demand analysis, solution and product development, test and verification/poc, commercial Experiment Bureau, etc; And conduct cooperative research on standard patent research, and submit standard draft and patent application; At the same time, the two sides will also jointly apply for and undertake the national key research projects in the field of nfv with sdn/output of 60000 tons, and share the output results

chiyongsheng, vice president of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, said: China Unicom has a modern communication network covering the whole country, reaching the world, with advanced technology and powerful functions, and is committed to providing users with all-round and high-quality information and communication services. The cooperation with ZTE should meet the needs of Unicom's market and business development, take service innovation and technological innovation as the starting point, explore and establish a market-oriented innovation mechanism, and dare to try new research and development models such as open source and iterative development

liupeng, vice president of ZTE, said: sdn/nfv, as a rapidly developing technology field, is bound to become an important direction of network development. ZTE and China Unicom are long-term good partners. This time, they will join hands strategically in the sdn/nfv field again. Through continuous innovation and expansion, they will certainly promote the transformation of network technology and the development of the whole industry

You Yan, vice president of ZTE, said: ZTE is happy to further strengthen cooperation with China Unicom. The development goal of the future telecommunication network is to build a flexible network with horizontal stratification, centralized control, unified arrangement and management, and software definable through the introduction of sdn/nfv architecture, IP and optical integration, CDN, service arrangement capability enhancement and other means. ZTE will continue to strategically invest in sdn/nfv, devote itself to the research, development and practice of sdn/nfv technology, and become a pioneer in the sdn/nfv field. We are willing to work with strategic partners to continue to contribute to the global sdn/nfv technology and industrialization

ZTE adheres to technological innovation, takes network reconfiguration based on sdn/nfv technology as the next generation network development strategy, and puts forward elasticnet elastic network target architecture and comprehensive solution of "tube in cloud, cloud in tube and cloud management integration" with the goal of elasticity, cloudization and openness

as commercial leaders in the sdn/nfv field, China Unicom and ZTE actively promote the development of the sdn/nfv industrial chain based on the concepts of openness, cooperation, innovation and win-win results, and realize the optimization, transformation and upgrading of the existing network architecture of operators. They are committed to building a future oriented sdn/nfv network for customers, continue to lead the commercialization process, help operators' interconnection transformation, and embrace the sdn/nfv commercial era

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