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The establishment of the China used pump car alliance aims to change the chaos of second-hand equipment transactions. The establishment of the China used pump car alliance aims to change the chaos of second-hand equipment transactions. The pricing of second-hand pump cars is regarded as the most "water" field in the industry. On August 16, the China used pump car alliance, centering on Hunan and radiating more than 10 provinces and cities including Yunnan and Hebei and even the whole country, was established in Xiangtan, Through its professional second-hand concrete equipment price evaluation system, it tries to change the distortion of second-hand transaction prices

according to the latest industry statistics, China's second-hand construction machinery market currently has 4.3 million units, with a total asset of about 3trillion. As the price of second-hand construction machinery is cheaper than that of new machinery, or due to the short-term needs of engineering construction, a considerable number of cities in China have gradually formed a distribution center for second-hand construction machinery transactions

the establishment of China second hand pump car alliance aims to change the chaos of second-hand equipment transactions

however, due to the imperfect valuation and after-sales system of domestic second-hand equipment, it can only be judged by itself according to the service time of machinery and equipment, annual average service time, overhaul cycle and service conditions of engine and hydraulic pump. It is easy to have various acts of black box operation, which seriously distorts the price and excessively distorts the cost performance, And then affect the healthy and orderly development of the entire secondary market

on the whole, tanyong, the initiator of China used pump truck alliance and the chairman of Hunan new Hengyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced that the alliance will scientifically and reasonably evaluate the value of used pump trucks, mixer trucks and other concrete equipment through a professional second-hand concrete equipment price evaluation system, and realize the symmetry and complementarity of national second-hand concrete equipment related industry information through the alliance platform, so as to restore the real price of second-hand equipment, Protect the rights and interests of equipment owners and maintain the order of the second-hand equipment market

according to tanyong, Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan region is the largest construction machinery manufacturing base in China. The alliance has established an operation center, technical service center, customer management center, business information network platform with Hunan base as the platform headquarters, and a mobile network platform after the parts reach their service life, respectively in Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan More than ten provinces and cities, including Liaoning Province, have established alliance bases and will gradually develop to all parts of the country, making every effort to make use of the second-hand equipment resources in the country

at the same time, the alliance will gradually realize the provision of joint repair and maintenance services for second-hand equipment traded on the platform nationwide. By using the network information service platform, the alliance can quickly gather industry demand information and optimize the second-hand equipment transaction process to further ensure the service life of polycarbonate materials

"our company team has been operating in this industry for 11 years, but the used pump car trading market has been very chaotic. In recent years, many industry customers around me once had difficulties in operation and could not continue. They basically lived a situation of 'being anxious to keep the equipment and having nothing to do with the equipment'." Xuqilang, member of the alliance and head of Yunnan Jinwang Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., said that everyone has been looking forward to an open, fair, transparent, efficient and profitable business environment, and the establishment of the alliance is exactly what everyone is looking forward to

at the founding ceremony on the same day, the China used pump car alliance also held a donation ceremony. Half of the funds for the two used pump cars auctioned on the same day were used to help 16 students with difficulties in Xiangtan, Shaoyang and other places complete their college studies

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