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China Unicom and Huawei have jointly built 5g intelligent operation and maintenance

[China, Beijing, March 31, 2020] China Unicom released a 5g intelligent fault management solution jointly innovated with Huawei at the s2.0 5g OSS Application Conference of OS pressure testing machine, also known as compressive strength testing machine. This solution ensures a stable and high availability 5g network through automation and intelligent operation and maintenance

with the construction and commercial use of 5g network, multiple systems coexist, and the network scale is larger and more complex. However, the above experimental standards refer to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS... And other information network operation and maintenance, but they are still managing this complex network with the traditional mode of hand-in-hand. Fault repair is becoming more and more difficult, there is an increasing shortage of operation and maintenance personnel, the operation and maintenance cost is becoming higher and higher, and the transformation of operation and maintenance is not waiting. China Unicom believes that AI driven network intelligence is a new trend of network development, and the whole network operation and maintenance system should enter the era of interconnection, automation and intelligence. In the 5g era, it is necessary to promote the in-depth application of AI in network operation and maintenance, so as to transform labor-intensive employment into innovative employment, so as to increase the efficiency of network operation and maintenance

relying on the global operation and maintenance practice, Huawei has accumulated a wealth of operation and maintenance assets and talents in the automation and intelligent operation and maintenance side, and built an intelligent operation and maintenance solution Autin based on the man-machine collaborative operation and maintenance mode. China Unicom and Huawei have jointly created 5g intelligent fault management solutions and actively explored network oriented intelligent operation. The scheme restores the cross domain network topology by collecting the alarm and resource information in various fields, and realizes the rapid fault identification based on the alarm correlation compression rule and AI algorithm; Then, through the fault diagnosis tree formed by the transformation of expert experience, it can automatically diagnose the classified root cause alarm, quickly locate the real root cause, and remotely repair it by means of self-healing of tooth damage, or send orders for accurate repair on the site. Wang Rui, deputy general manager of operation and maintenance department of China Unicom, mentioned that 5g intelligent fault management system can provide two major functions: cross domain diagnosis of multi system network and 5g intelligent troubleshooting, and can realize AI fault root cause location, remote fault repair or recommended scheme to assist fault repair

this scheme contains two major innovations, reaching the industry-leading level that people worry that the performance of fiber composite polymers will be damaged after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light: first, 5g cross domain topology restoration and fault visualization automatically generate cross domain network topology through Link Layer Discovery Protocol (lldp) and uniformly present fault information, greatly improving the generation efficiency of topology and reducing the time of fault demarcation; 2、 In terms of fault diagnosis and repair, the number of manual intervention nodes in the traditional fault handling process has been reduced to by means of automation and intelligent means. The overall workload has been reduced by 50%-60% and the operation and maintenance quality has been improved

5g intelligent fault management scheme has been implemented and verified in branches in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other provinces, achieving a 20% improvement in operation and maintenance efficiency and a 85% reduction in the processing time of the management center at most. At the same time, the skills of the operation and maintenance personnel are transformed so that everyone can be a developer, so that the development cycle of the operation and maintenance automation scenario is reduced from month to week, and the operation and maintenance agility is realized. Oudachun, general manager of the network AI center of China Unicom Group, said: the group has always adhered to early planning and early construction in the construction of 5g intelligent support capacity, especially in the planning and construction of 5g, the maintenance of excellence and the application of network big data. Subsequently, the scheme will also be extended to other 5g contracted cities of China Unicom to realize unified and efficient management of 5g networks across the country

with the continuous progress of 5g network business and the in-depth integration of AI and telecom network operation and maintenance, China Unicom will continue to deepen cooperation with Huawei, jointly achieve the improvement of operation and maintenance quality and efficiency, and support 5g business innovation and business success

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