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China Unicom International adopts the BICS real-time roaming center scheme

bics roaming scheme to help China Unicom International provide customers with more competitive high-quality network connection and communication services

China, June 27, 2017 -- the international leading pressure testing machine is mainly used to measure the tensile strength, yield and fatigue value of various metal materials. It was announced by the communication service promoter BIC but with different coordinates, China Unicom International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Unicom International), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom Group, has adopted its instant roaming hub scheme to enable its customers to enjoy high-quality network connection services around the world. China Unicom International is committed to promoting the development of hydrogen fuel cells for the world; On June 1, enterprise customers provided a reliable global end-to-end package of comprehensive information services. The adoption of BICS will further expand its service portfolio, stand out in the market competition and consolidate its position as a leading operator in Asia

bics roaming center platform will help China Unicom International to enable its customers to enjoy roaming services covering the world and mobile network services that can be accessed at any time. The real-time roaming center scheme of BICS is supported by the hosting of the company's global network infrastructure, and its functions have been fully verified. China Unicom International does not need to make any investment to use the scheme

bics points out that the annual growth rate of the number of customers using roaming services is 34%, while the annual growth rate of data roaming traffic is as high as 265%. The driving force behind this growth is that users want to enjoy a high-quality mobile service experience at home or abroad. In addition, they have a larger number of new mobile devices that need global connectivity

nicholas nikrouyan, chief commercial officer of BICS, said that BICS is committed to providing seamless and fully compatible roaming solutions that are flexible and easy to deploy. By using the one-stop real-time roaming solution of BICS, our operator customers, like China Unicom International, can get the ability to provide global roaming services without the complex and inefficient traditional bilateral agreement negotiation mode

the representative of China Unicom International Co., Ltd. added: at the beginning of 2017, we launched the overseas mobile virtual operation service cuniq, bending pre crack stress corrosion testing machine in Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom and the United States. This service enables customers to experience exclusive and unique excellent mobile communication services. Customers can enjoy the global data sharing service at the local data rate, realizing multiple numbers for a single card. Therefore, it is very important for our company to choose a roaming partner who can deploy global solutions for us in the shortest time. BICS' telecom operator class solutions ensure that our customers can enjoy network connection services anywhere and anytime in the world

about bics

bics is an international leading communication service promoter, connecting all parts of the world by providing users with a reliable and secure mobile communication experience anytime, anywhere. BICS is a voice service operator and the leading mobile data service provider with businesses all over the world. Its solutions meet the general trend of consumers using more and more devices. These solutions include global mobile connection, seamless roaming experience, fraud prevention, identity recognition, global SMS and IOT. BICS is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and operates in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East

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about China Unicom global

China Unicom International Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong. China Unicom International has 31 branches in the world and 107 overseas business access points (POPs) in 70 countries and regions around the world. It is responsible for global business development, operation and services outside mainland China. Relying on the extensive global network coverage of China Unicom, China Unicom International Co., Ltd. provides a reliable global end-to-end package of comprehensive communication services and solutions, including global group, global Internet access, information and communication technology (ICT) services, cloud computing, IOT, video conferencing, unified communication, content services and security services, as well as providing high-quality voice and mobile services for individual customers

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