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With the gradual enhancement of the fashion of the home decoration industry and the continuous improvement of consumers' concept of environmental protection and healthy life, home soft decoration products represented by wallpaper are becoming the new leading force of home decoration

wallpaper soft decoration leads the new fashion of decoration

the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration has become increasingly popular among consumers in recent years. In recent years, many consumers will choose wallpaper when decorating, because wallpaper has several distinctive characteristics. First, wallpaper decoration can highlight personality. Due to the wide variety of colors, patterns and materials of wallpaper, consumers can have a lot of choice. Different wallpapers can reflect different personality characteristics. Second, wallpaper has a strong sense of beauty, which can create many different ornamental effects, such as wallpaper and wallpaper murals, which are increasingly loved by consumers. Third, environmental protection

in fact, with the increasing number of consumers who know about wallpaper products in recent years, wallpaper, as a new element of soft decoration home, is leading a diversified fashion home decoration style. According to the statistics of the wallpaper Professional Committee of China Building Decoration Materials Association, wallpaper accounted for only 0.0% of the home decoration and home furnishing market a few years ago, but now it has reached 5% - 6%, and continues to maintain a rapid growth momentum

however, compared with Europe and the United States, the popularity of wallpaper products in China's home market is not high. Insiders say “ At present, 94% of domestic home decoration uses wall paint and 5% - 6% of wallpaper, while the proportion in European and American markets is just the opposite& rdquo;& ldquo; This shows that consumers have misunderstandings about wallpaper, an environmentally friendly and emerging product, and they need to further update their ideas& rdquo; Many consumers still have the impression of wallpaper many years ago. For example, they think that wallpaper is easy to break, cannot be scrubbed, and it is troublesome to replace it

in fact, with the development of wallpaper in recent years, the scientific and technological content has been continuously improved. At present, there are hundreds of kinds of wallpapers and rich materials, including ordinary wallpapers, PVC wallpapers, linen wallpapers, metal wallpapers, etc. And now the wallpaper can be scrubbed at will, not easy to damage, and can be maintained for up to 5-10 years

shaping the brand at the right time

from the perspective of the whole industry, the household wallpaper market has shown a rapid development trend in China in recent years, and the output has continued to grow. According to the data obtained by the wallpaper Professional Committee of China Association of building decoration materials from the customs and domestic manufacturers, in 2010, the output of domestic wallpaper was 160million rolls and 860million square meters; The imported wallpaper is about 200million square meters. It is estimated that by the end of 2011, there will be more than 230 domestic wallpaper manufacturers. According to this figure, the domestic wallpaper production will reach 1.5 billion square meters by the end of 2011, an increase of 70% over 2010, and the per capita output will reach 1.15 square meters, excluding imported wallpaper

on the one hand, the growth rate of wallpaper is amazing, and the market potential continues to be promising. On the other hand, at present, there are few powerful brands in the market, but there are also chaos, and there are problems in the protection of original design and construction process specifications. Insiders said, “ If you want to occupy an advantage in this market, you must strengthen brand building. At present, the output value of the best enterprises in the industry is hundreds of millions of yuan. Now it is time to build a brand& rdquo;

in addition, in terms of price, the wallpaper market will also face a better trend in the future. First, many multinational manufacturers directly set up factories in China, which will gradually lower the price of imported wallpaper; Second, wallpaper products ranging from more than ten yuan to thousands of yuan can be provided in the current market, which will broaden the space for consumers to choose products and create conditions for improving the market share of wallpaper products. It can be expected that the wallpaper market will achieve rapid and stable development in the next few years

the wallpaper industry needs to transform from an industrial brand to a commercial brand

China's wallpaper production has reached a high level after years of development, because most enterprises have successively introduced the most advanced international processes and equipment, which has laid a foundation for the improvement and stability of product quality. It can be said that domestic wallpapers have been comparable with foreign wallpapers in terms of quality, variety, grade and function. In terms of environmental protection performance, China's wallpaper products have also been greatly improved. In recent years, the content of harmful substances in wallpaper has met national standards in national sampling inspection. It can be said that wallpaper has established an important position in China's home decoration market, and will gradually replace traditional paint and wall paint to win the leading position of Chinese wall decoration materials, which also provides a better soil for wallpaper enterprises to shape their brands

at present, some domestic brands have surpassed some large manufacturers in South Korea and Japan in terms of scale and strength. In large-scale decoration projects, Chinese wallpaper has gradually replaced imported wallpaper, and some products are exported to foreign markets. However, most of these are the market shares obtained through tooling and project cooperation. Most wallpaper enterprises are concentrating on production, but lack experience in brand publicity and promotion. Ordinary consumers' awareness of wallpaper brands is still very low, that is, domestic wallpaper brands need to change from industrial brands to commercial brands to change the image and status of wallpaper in the eyes of consumers if they want to enter the families of more consumers

how to build a successful business brand? The first is that the products are better. Good products include two aspects: first, product design innovation. Because wallpaper is a fashionable consumer product, its design should not only attract people's attention, but also take into account the acceptance ability of consumers. Second, the internal quality of the product is good, healthy and environmentally friendly, and harmless to the body

secondly, being a commercial brand is different from an industrial brand, which requires different business ideas and operation modes. For most enterprises who have been used to being an industrial brand, ideological change is the key. Therefore, enterprises need a more appropriate opportunity and a more forward-looking market business model to promote the brand to more consumers if they want to become a commercial brand. Of course, strengthening publicity and increasing advertising investment are the quickest ways to enhance brand influence. The publicity referred to here not only refers to the publicity of products, but also includes the popularization of industry knowledge and the publicity and promotion of brand spirit connotation

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