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Printed glass and carving (Part 1)

the crystal clear and colorful plexiglass material is an excellent carrier for printing art advertisements, and it is also a good material for making art signs and craft display shelves. Therefore, it has been popular with advertising manufacturers for decades

polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a member of the plastic family, is a kind of thermoplastic with high hardness and toughness, which can be bonded and printed. It is not only worth hundreds of times in the advertising industry, but also not believed by Westerners. It is also an irreplaceable component manufacturing material in industry, military and other fields. See Table 1 for its color characteristics and main uses

I. several links that should be paid attention to in printing plexiglass signs

1 The printing ink should be high gloss, friction resistant plexiglass ink, especially when printing on the surface, matte ink cannot be used, because this ink is not friction resistant and its color is not bright. For outdoor light boxes and signs, imported ink with good sun fastness should also be used to resist the irradiation of strong light (1) wipe the top surface of the lead screw and the upper and lower end faces of the workbench, and place the workbench on the lead screw table;, Extend its service life

2. The printing film cannot be replaced by laser print or sulfuric acid paper. It must be positive or negative film output by professional manufacturers. Each time, it is necessary to output an additional blank film with positioning cross hairs. When printing, first fix the blank crosshair film on the glass plate with scotch tape, and the films of other colors should be based on this, so that the position of the plate can be consistent

3. For fine edition production, imported photosensitive adhesive with high resolution and imported silk with high tension and low elongation must be selected. For example, famous brand products such as SBQ single liquid photosensitive adhesive and NBC silk produced by Murakami company in Japan, although the price is more expensive than that made in China, the produced version is clear and the edges of graphics and texts are neat. At the same time, it also ensures the accuracy of position during multi-color overprint or four-color plus printing. If the text is too small and the line is very thin, 350 mesh wire can be used. At the same time, it should also be equipped with imported ink or light curing ink that is ground and smooth

4. Printing color matching is generally carried out by relying on the experience of printers. Because each batch of flexible silk mesh number is different, the thickness of photosensitive film is also different, which often leads to the color deviation of prints. "The ink color in the barrel is not accurate, and the true face is seen after scraping on the plate" illustrates this truth. Therefore, each batch of work must be trial printed with the sun dried version, and the samples must be printed. After the customer confirms that the color is consistent with the original, it can enter the official printing

5. Large format pictures must be printed by plate printing machine, and small format pictures can be printed by aspirating printing bench. During the printing process, six consistencies should be maintained:

A. promote the establishment of China Green Manufacturing Alliance, and the multicolor plate spacing should be consistent

b. the scraping speed is consistent

c. the scraping pressure is consistent

d. consistency of ink viscosity

e. the hardness of large and small scrapers shall be consistent during manual scraping

f. the temperature and humidity of the printing workshop shall be consistent

6. The double-sided organic board sign should be made of transparent board and reverse printing method. After the picture and text are printed, a layer of background color will be covered. The bonding between the two poles must use silk screen adhesive. Generally, 80 ~ 100 mesh nylon wire and water sensitive gloss glue are used to make plates, which can be printed on one side or both sides. When the color of silk screen glue becomes translucent (about 20 ~ 30min), align and bond the two sides together. The bonding line is not affected by mechanical polishing

7. In order to ensure the accuracy of multi-color overprint, the size of other versions can be appropriately scaled (the scaling size shall not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.2mm) on the premise of ensuring that the size of the graphic version remains unchanged. When printing, the deep version presses the shallow version, and the graphic version compresses and releases the version, so that when the organic board is not cut accurately or the manual release is not well connected with the positioning block, it can also overprint accurately

table I color characteristics and uses of plexiglass

name color thickness (mm) main uses

transparent plate transparent 1 ~ 50 reverse printing signs, obvious increase in people with shopping bags and vegetable baskets, craft shelves, crystal signs

flat plates with complete colors 2 ~ 10 store signs, display signs, craft shelves

pearlescent plates with complete colors 2 ~ 4 three-dimensional embossed characters, handicrafts Craft painting

fluorescent version has few colors and can be customized for special occasions

there is no ready-made plate for the sand panel, and the indoor display rack and frosted label are printed by using the sand ink of flat board

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