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Screen&reklamtryck company carries out high-yield printing

Screen & reklamtryck in Sweden has installed a Nur salsa Ultima after seven years of printing and transfer? 2400 wide format digital printing, do not just ask for the lowest price brush machine. Nur Macroprinters launched Nur salsa Ultima series products in March, 2001

nur salsa Ultima, purchased by screen & reklamtryck, together with existing HP printers, makes display boards for customers in Sweden and Norway. Now their output has increased greatly, which can meet the needs of customers in all aspects, such as agents who directly sell equipment to end users

screen & reklamtryck installed Nur salsa Ultima 2400, which not only greatly improved the production capacity of posters, banner advertisements and other products, but also saw potential opportunities in the outdoor market. The introduction of new machines has brought a change to the testing methods and standards of enterprises and 39 specific materials, from a small number of wide format products to high-yield product output

nur salsa Ultima 2400 purchased by screen & reklamtryck is a 2.4m wide machine, which is one of the Nur salsa Ultima wide digital printing machine series. The products produced by this machine are durable and can be guaranteed to be colorfast for 2 years without coating and coating

screen & reklamtryck admitted that Nur salsa Ultima 2400 has brought them huge benefits. This decision was made after a series of tests. Its performance, quality and high yield are unparalleled

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