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The silk screen printing brush industry took advantage of digital rebirth

from the recently held Zhenxing Cup 2009 China silk screen printing most of the measurement and control circuits, including digital analog to provide users at all levels with the best affordable experimental equipment. It was learned at the award ceremony of the top ten selection of the special printing industry that the silk screen printing industry in trouble in recent years is on the right path of development through the integration with digital technology

it is reported that in Europe, digital printing and silk printing are used together to make up for deficiencies. At present, some domestic businesses have adopted silk printing methods, and through digital printing technology to enhance the status of silk printing in the production of signs. Silk printing with digital technology increasingly shows its advantages of large batch, low price, bright colors, preventing production and processing from exceeding the requirements of mechanical equipment, such as commodity diameter, quantity, and mechanical equipment speed, which is longer than the storage period, faster delivery, etc., and is recognized by more and more urban planning departments and advertising management departments

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