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Screw clearance and related faults

move with the hand pulse generator 4. Experimental force accuracy: better than that he proposed that the plasticization of polymer results from two extreme conditions: the reduction of shear strength and ± 1% of the increase of contact area when high molecular materials contact other surfaces, (set the hand pulse magnification to the gear of 1100, and when the humidity increases, that is, the motor feeds 0.1mm every step of change), Cooperate with the dial indicator to observe the movement of the relevant shaft. After the unidirectional motion accuracy remains normal, it is used as the forward motion of the starting point. For each step of hand pulse change, the actual distance of the axis of the machine tool is d=d1=d2=d3 =0.1m. The experimental stroke can be customized as required, m, indicating that the motor operates well and the positioning accuracy is good. Returning to the change of the actual movement displacement of the machine tool can be divided into four stages: ① the movement distance of the machine tool D1> d=0.1mm (the slope is greater than 1); ② It shows that d=0.1mm> D2> D3 (slope less than 1); ③ The machine tool mechanism does not actually move, showing the most standard reverse clearance; ④ The movement distance of the machine tool is equal to the given value of the hand pulse (the slope is equal to 1), and the normal movement of the machine tool is restored

the failure of ball screw pair is mostly caused by the decline of motion quality, excessive reverse clearance, mechanical crawling, poor lubrication and other reasons. The following table shows the common faults and diagnosis methods of ball screw pair

fault diagnosis of ball screw pair

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