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In the field of industrial production of modern silk printing, cylinder high-speed silk printing has its excellent printing accuracy and quality. The perfect combination of speed and accuracy is achieved. From the traditional swing type, To the advanced stop type (stop format). Roller printing technology has experienced more than half a century of development.

General in the United States in the 1940s and sps-zp/A1 in Germany in the early 1950s. They are typical representatives of silk printing precision multi-function equipment. Up to now, some old-fashioned equipment is still in use.

SPS stop is the original silk rolling printing equipment created by SPS company in Germany. It has been developing and improving for decades and has always represented the development of the world's roll printing technology Exhibition direction

sps stop roller printing technical features

1. fast printing speed

sps stop roller printing machine has a maximum speed of 4200 sheets per hour. Traditional drum screen printing technology. In the inking stroke, 1 thin-walled roll simplification has reverse return rotation, while spsstop screen printing drum rotates in one direction, which can realize high-speed printing

2. High printing accuracy

sps stop roll screen printing machine can realize fine chromatic printing for more than 50 times

(1) accurate positioning

1. The drum is in a "static" state during the inking process, realizing the most perfect positioning conditions

2. The two front positioning stop gauges adopt optical fiber positioning technology to ensure the effective travel of the tension machine. LabVIEW is a virtual instrument software development tool based on graphical programming language launched by American NI company. It is less than 880mm to ensure the normal operation of the experiment. The front-end benchmark positioning is accurate and reliable

3. The high-precision lateral positioning system of mechanical, optical fiber and pneumatic phase bonding platform ensures that the lateral calibration is fast, accurate and safe

(2) accurate image reproduction and ink layer control

1. Unique groove design, exquisite flattening, and the built-in paper holder is located inside the roll. Basically. "Zero distance" printing ensures minimum plate deformation and high image reproduction

2. Peh heavy-duty precision rubber scraping beam above the plate is firm and stable. The integrated platform is pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. Optical fiber, electronics and other advanced technologies, precision design, pneumatic hydraulic automatic conversion, two-step cutting. Once the pressure of the squeegee is calibrated, it will remain at a constant level of 18. Even if the squeegee is replaced, it will not change. The printing pressure is extremely accurate, stable, and can accurately control the thickness of the ink layer to ensure the perfect and consistent product quality

3. Large printing range

sps stop roll screen printing machine can realize high-precision printing of super large format, super thick and super hard materials.

for conventional format and materials, there are a variety of styles of equipment to choose from. In particular, SPS stop roll printing machine has great advantages in super large format and super thick hard materials. It can not only complete the high-precision roll printing of conventional format and materials, but also complete the roll printing of super large and super thick (semi) rigid materials with high precision.

4. Intelligent control

realizes the intuitive program control of microcomputer. Accurate digital display and operation can provide fast remote network services

(1) all functional parameters of SPS stop roll screen printing machine are controlled by microcomputer

(2) equipped with high-definition digital display and operating device

(3) the operator can obtain various working status information of the equipment through clear digital internal mine display

(4) operation instructions can be accurately input from the operation panel

(5) equipped with a remote service system to connect with a built-in modem, you can provide equipment maintenance or technical support through the line

sps stop cylinder wire printing machine

1. high precision stainless steel printing cylinder

(1) in addition to the unique groove design, exquisite flattening treatment, and the built-in paper holder located in the cylinder, there is an additional gap between the plate and the surface of the roll during the inking process to complete the paper feeding positioning and realize "zero distance" printing. Extremely low squeegee pressure is used to obtain minimal version deformation and achieve perfect image reproduction accuracy

(2) the exquisite automatic conversion design of vacuum suction and high-pressure blowing not only ensures the precise pasting and movement synchronization of the paper and the drum in printing, but also ensures the rapid and smooth stripping of the paper from the roll after printing.

(3) the strict machining accuracy ensures the accuracy and roundness of the surface of the Jane

(4) excellent stainless steel materials are used to ensure the high quality and durability of the drum

2. Precise rubber scraper control system

1) SPS Peh heavy rubber scraper beam is located above the moving version, solid and stable.

2) combined with air pressure, hydraulic pressure, machinery, optical fiber, electronics and other advanced technologies, through air pressure hydraulic automatic fine-tuning control, ensure accurate three-dimensional alignment once calibrated. The pressure of the rubber scraper remains constant

3) independent rubber scraper beam adjustment operating system. Convenient and fast

4) the adjustable starting point electronic positioning device ensures that the printing starting point accurately falls behind the drum paper holder

5) the automatic adjustment system of glue scraping height can be adjusted according to different paper thickness

6) squeegee and its pneumatic quick clamping system greatly improve the operation efficiency and printing quality

7) the electric rubber scraper positioning system using laser marking ensures the positioning accuracy

8) the rubber scraper electric vertical adjustment device accurately ensures that the printing surface of the rubber scraper is parallel to the rolling surface

9) once all parameters are determined, even if the rubber scraper is changed, the technical parameters will remain unchanged.

3. Precise positioning system

(1) two front positioning stop gauges are located on the drum. Optical fiber technology is adopted, combined with flexible positioning paper gripper, and the positioning is reliable and accurate

(2) the lateral positioning device adopts vacuum stainless steel carriage, and uses vacuum adsorption to drive the lateral calibration of the paper, avoiding the damage to the paper surface caused by the traditional mechanical clamping pull gauge

(3) the vacuum adsorption force can be adjusted to reduce the paper edge damage

(4) the mechanical transmission system drives the pull gauge to move, and the transmission is stable and reliable

(5) the sensitive and dense optical fiber positioning system finally determines the positioning.

4. The spindle transmission system

adopts the precision spindle transmission system to achieve accurate and reliable mechanical transmission, ensuring the realization of perfect motion function. The spindle selects high-quality steel, precision processing, with longer service life and higher reliability

5. Paper conveying system

1) SPS paper synchronous conveying system is connected with SPS air jet dryer. Even at the highest conveying speed, it can ensure excellent adhesion between the conveyor belt and the paper, ensure accurate on track transmission, and prevent slip in the process of paper transmission

2) the action sequence of each part of the paper conveying system is consistent, forming a paper high-speed channel that will not be blocked, and the paper conveying is accurately synchronized

3) during the printing process, the printing speed of the conveyor belt and the drum shall be kept synchronized; The printing is completed. The paper is sent to the dryer inlet at a low speed

4) the intelligent gripper specially used for ultra thick (semi) rigid materials can ensure that the substrate can achieve precise printing quality through the printer at a perfect flat angle.

5) all paper conveying is equipped with vacuum suction function, and the paper conveying is stable; At the same time, the number of paper pressing and feeding rollers is reduced to avoid paper surface damage; In addition, the ink solvent gas is purified and discharged through the centralized suction and exhaust system, which reduces workshop pollution and is conducive to environmental protection

model and parameters

1. SPS stop classic cylinder press

version is of oblique opening and closing structure, with simple structure. The operation is convenient and the investment is relatively small

suitable for small and medium format flexible substrate, such as fine ceramic paper. Membrane switch, flexible circuit, anti-counterfeiting printing of financial securities

print size (mm x mm/inch x inch)

420 x 620/16 x 24520 x 720/20 x 28 650 x 900/25 x 35

790 x1040/31 × 41

2. SPS stop roller printer

version is a vertical lifting structure. It has a perfect customer interface, stable structure and extremely convenient operation

it is suitable for the printing of medium and large-scale flexible substrates, such as fine packaging, precision instruments, advertising, film switches, flexible circuits, financial securities anti-counterfeiting, etc

print size (mm x mm/inch x inch)

650 × 900/25 x 35 790 x 1040/31 x 41 1250 x 1650/49 x 65

1420 x 1820/56 x 72

3. SPS stop giant cylinder press

version is a vertical lifting structure with convenient customer interface, which is extremely convenient to operate. The perfect intelligent clamping paper conveying system can realize the perfect printing of (semi) rigid substrate

suitable for medium and large format flexible (semi) rigid substrate printing, such as large advertisements, precision instruments, cards, packaging, lottery tickets, financial anti-counterfeiting, film switches. Flexible circuit, etc

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