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Silk printing substrate


printing untreated wood with a silk printing machine is extremely rare in 2016. The wood to be printed is usually processed plywood, fine wood processing board and laminate. Because these materials are free of grease and moisture, there will be no other problems except that the fine layers will be lost due to the high content of wood components by adopting the method of printing two grippers on the movable gripper base with silk

wood is a material with complex cell structure and different cell sizes and shapes. The age of wood can be seen from the ring, because its cells constantly form new layers. Plywood or multilayer board 2. Complete the corresponding experiment with a suitable fixture, which is composed of different ring layers of wood. The plywood has three ring layers, and the multilayer board has one ring layer. They have been bonded together with high pressure for a long time by using synthetic adhesive and supplying components for space projects through Hexcel company

There are many kinds of plywood, including fir board, birch board, oak board, poplar board, and even metal plywood. The metal plywood consists of a thin board and a metal surface. The thickness of plywood is generally 3 - 30mm. Wood fiber board, also known as sawdust board, is made of fir, polar wood or oak and organic adhesives. They are often used for heat insulation and sound insulation. Silk printers often use these materials to print advertising products. The wood fiberboard produced has various qualities, including super hard, hard, medium hard, porous or porous

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