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Application of soft proofing on screen in newspaper industry (IV)

(IV) application view of soft proofing

soft proofing on screen is more suitable and needed for newspaper printing

(1) due to the high timeliness and general quality requirements of newspaper printing, the proofing process has not been a necessary process for many years, but the color newspaper has the proofing demand from the perspective of ensuring the color quality of color newspaper, but the single-chip control of the newspaper on the sample is far less reliable than the contract proofing of commercial printing. People in the newspaper industry have realized that the screen proofing can fully meet the requirements for the newspaper industry to prevent layout errors and color deviations

(2) conform to the non contract proofing of the newspaper industry, and then measure, record or control the nature of another equipment twice to pursue the consistency between the newspaper and the sample

(3) screen soft proofing does not occupy publishing time, which is convenient to use and has few technical obstacles

(4) the application of screen soft proofing in the newspaper industry also has Chinese characteristics, because compared with foreign newspapers, Chinese newspapers have brighter colors, more complex color information such as photos, headlines, advertisements, headlines, shading, etc., and higher requirements for color accuracy. Because these new materials require the detection of various experimental machines, proofing is more important

it is understood that at present, some newspapers have provided lessons and suggestions for the technology and industry of biodegradable plastics in China. Each printing machine has installed a monitor to realize the interconnection and sharing with the prepress system. Although there is no color newspaper sample, the printer operator can take the newspaper color displayed on the screen as a reference, which is very effective in avoiding printing color deviation and preventing wrong version

in short, screen soft proofing is a technology that meets the requirements of the development of printing technology informatization. After years of development, great breakthroughs have been made. It can realize the digitalization of proofing process and complete digital connection in the process of prepress, proofing and printing. It is necessary and possible to introduce it into the field of newspaper printing

(author/libaoqiang, legal society printing house)

information source/printing technology 2005, 10 (Publishing and commercial printing)

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