The hottest screen launches the new plateritefx125

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Screen launched platerite fx1254 new flexible plate making machine

screen company recently expanded the product range of its flexible plate making system through a new platerite fx1524 plate making machine

this 1076x1524mm plate making machine can image on flexo and relief digital plates and thermal ablative films

this product is specially designed for some flexographic printing applications, including labels, flexible packaging, corrugated and folding cartons, and security printing

platerite fx1524 plate making function is compatible with plates from tok, DuPont, Flint Group, to, ray, MacDermid, Asahi and other companies for more than 90 days, with the highest output accuracy of 2400dpi or 2540dpi

in addition, it also has a simple version loading system, which can be used in conjunction with the packaging workflow packstudio se

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