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Printing market and development trend (II)

at present, China's high-quality, high-precision printing inks and special-purpose inks, four-color additive inks and UV inks are almost all imported. Therefore, the application and development of printing inks have infinite bright prospects. Therefore, printing ink factories should develop inks with corresponding fineness, fluidity, viscosity and other characteristics according to different substrates, printing materials and process requirements of different industries, which is an important way to improve the quality of printing products and expand the printing field. In particular, water-based ink and UV ink in China have a promising future and need to be vigorously developed. UV ink and water-based ink will have a large market. Now most of the inks used in China are solvent based inks. Solvent based inks are volatile drying inks. The drying time is slow, and natural drying takes 8 hours. In the drying process, 60% of the solvent will volatilize. This serious pollution is not only restricted by the strict laws and regulations of government departments, but also opposed by the neighbors, and the printing factory does not want to use it under the current call of "returning to nature and environmental protection first". Therefore, it is inevitable that UV ink and water-based ink will occupy the printing market in the future

uv ink market trend. At present, volatile dry inks are the mainstream in terms of output and varieties of silk printing inks. However, the output of UV ink has increased year by year, and the increase is large. It is only a matter of time before its output exceeds that of volatile dry ink

uv ink solidifies quickly, shortening the printing line and improving the printing speed. In addition, UV ink is solvent-free, which improves the working environment, and has high-quality film-forming property and high gloss. It can be used for thick film printing and thin film printing. Because the neat polymer and prepolymer in the raw materials of UV ink can be made into fixed skeleton materials such as bone nails and bone rods in orthopedic surgery, it has reinforcing effect, and the rough surface can enhance the growth of human tissue. The fan cap made of composite materials can provide lighter weight, simplified anti ice structure, better corrosion resistance and better fatigue resistance. The gap can be used for infiltration and exchange. When new tissue grows, PHA is gradually degraded, and the decomposed products can be absorbed by the human body without causing adverse reactions. The types of polymerization initiators have increased, which makes the application scope of UV ink more extensive, and can be suitable for printing with various substrate materials. Its market share is bound to increase

market trend of water-based ink. Among volatile dry inks, water-based inks developed in the 1980s have received renewed attention because they are conducive to environmental protection. At the beginning of the development of water-based ink, it was once noticed by people, but it was not popularized because of its poor water resistance of the template and the wrinkle easily caused by the water absorption of the paper when printing on the paper. After entering the 1990s, the above problems have been gradually solved. With the advent of new water-based inks using urethane emulsions, their varieties are also increasing

objectively speaking, because it takes only 18 seconds to process the sample notch once, the function, purpose, price, equipment and supply of water-based ink are better than UV ink, so in the future, the traditional ink will slowly disappear in the printing ink market, replaced by water-based ink and UV ink, and finally the water-based ink will completely occupy the market. The development of water-based ink has become a hot topic for silk printing industry. Because the state has regulations on environmental protection, printing practitioners have awakened themselves, and have refused to use solvent based printing ink for their own health and switched to water-based ink. The neighbors of the printing factory will go to the environmental protection department as soon as there is a little peculiar smell; For orders received from toys, clothing, furniture, curtains and export traders, it is often noted that non-toxic printing ink processing should be used; When purchasing T-shirts, consumers also learn to touch them with their hands to see whether they are printed with water-based ink. Customers should also ask whether they are printed with water-based ink when purchasing T-shirts. Another reason is that all prepress can be processed by computer. From design, text, pattern, combination to four-color film output, the urgent parts can be delivered in one hour, the plate making (four-color plate) can be picked up on the same day, and the high-efficiency four-color printer and high-efficiency far-infrared instantaneous dryer are available, creating conditions for the use of water-based ink

prediction of water-based ink printing. In Europe, water-based UV ink has long been used to print color large-scale road signs and posters. The increasing application of water-based ink and water-based UV ink is mainly due to the impact of environmental protection regulations and requirements to improve the working environment. Of course, there is another reason, four-color plus printing, point reproducibility is very good. Therefore, in order to give full play to the advantages of water-based ink in the future, the rapid expansion of water-based ink market is inevitable

some people abroad predict that by 2002, water-based inks will account for more than 50% of printing inks, and full-function water-based inks will be born. The surface is dried for 5 seconds and heat hardened for 10 seconds. The functional water-based ink can be printed with 500 meshes. The color can be printed in 8 colors, and 6000 colors can be matched by computer. Water based ink (cosmetics) grade, VOC content is zero, and 50m2 can be printed per kilogram of water-based ink

China has the largest population and market. With this development, the consumption of water-based ink in China will rank first in the world, so it should be vigorously developed

3 about the development trend and market of plate making technology

with the rapid development of contemporary science and technology, computer and electronic scanning technology have penetrated into various fields, forming the intersection and integration of science and industry technology. Fast, modern and excellent products have become the goal of modern people. Under the impact of this wave of science and technology, the prepress system in the printing field has been produced. The technical exchange meeting, presided over by Jiao Hongwen, Secretary General of the special committee, has undergone a leap forward change. The original collection, image processing, color separation and plate making in printing are all replaced by DTP color desktop system. Fast speed and high precision, showing modern characteristics. The development of this technology has had a strong shock to silk printing. At present, some western countries have widely used this technology in printing plate making, and achieved excellent results. Coupled with their rapid development in printing machinery, the advantages of fully automatic, multi-color linkage and accurate chromatic printing machine have pushed the printing technology to a new stage

3.1 base plate making

the desktop typesetting system has broken through the limitations of color block silk printing and plate making. The color desktop system fully meets the quality of color printing produced by the electric extension, and the column, openness, flexibility, easy upgrade and easy use of the desktop system are beyond the reach of photography and electric extension. Desktop typesetting will replace the cumbersome manual and complex photographic color separation methods in silk printing, creating a new process of prepress plate making in the silk printing industry

in the past, due to the limitations of various objective reasons, for a considerable period of time in the printing industry, plate makers were not familiar with the photographic plate making process, "direct hanging" process, camera, glass screen, contact screen, color filter, reverse lens, electric extension, etc. it was understandable, but now the desktop typesetting system has created good conditions for plate makers. According to the characteristics of silk printing, China has developed the "creative color separation and plate making system for printing color graphics and texts", which takes the computer as the core and integrates text typesetting, image and graphic input, image color separation and addition, layout design, deformation processing, creative design, and whole page composition of text and images. It can design drawings according to customers' requirements until customers are satisfied, and can directly output positive negatives for silk printing and plate making. With the application and popularization of this advanced equipment and software in printing plate, great changes will take place in printing positive negative film, which is very conducive to the market economy competition of silk printing industry

3.2 computer direct hot wax template imaging without base plate

direct digital imaging uses the combination of existing precision computer and laser technology, which controls an optical system and scans the silk plate with a modulated laser beam. This new development in printing plate is actually film free computer spray imaging. This kind of plate making equipment can be connected with the computer, input the required plate making graphics and words into the disk, and put the disk into the plate making machine. After the plate making machine is started, the computer-controlled inkjet device installed on the machine will automatically spray hot wax on the impression plate coated with good photoresist according to the input images and words. Because the inkjet device ejects a special hot wax covering material, it can play the same role as the traditional film version

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