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Screen soft proofing: what you see is what you get (III)

(IV) screen soft proofing and digital proofing

Digital Proofing is a popular proofing method in printing enterprises in recent years, and its development has also experienced a process from wait-and-see to popularity. Compared with soft proofing on the screen, digital proofing is more practical. Now, 2. There are more out of tolerance of negative deviation of indication. In other words, digital proofing greatly; Hit the traditional proofing

there are two different views on the relationship between the two. One believes that the two are complementary. Screen soft proofing is the first pass of color restoration in the printing process, which plays a guiding role in digital proofing; One view is that after the development of various technologies, it is completely possible to sign and print only through soft proofing

people who hold the first view believe that making full use of soft proofing can improve work efficiency and reduce errors. When a customer brings an electronic document and hard proofing draft of a book and book, if there is a good soft proofing system, the first thing we should do is to compare the electronic document page by page with the hard proofing draft sent by the customer, because its hard proofing draft is likely to be different from the electronic document, or the ICC characteristic document referenced by the hard proofing draft brought by the customer does not match the color characteristics of the printing machine being used, For example, the customer's proofing may be in accordance with the swop standard, but we use a sheet fed printer, so hard proofing is not available at this time. If this problem is found in advance with soft proofing, such errors can be avoided

some foreign printing houses adopt the method of mutual cooperation between screen soft proofing and digital proofing. For example, when printing a book with color illustrations, the whole book is generally soft proofed first, and then the color pictures are extracted for digital hard proofing after adjustment. Soft proofing first and then the color pictures are extracted for hard proofing, which can avoid errors in soft proofing, save costs and improve efficiency

it is understood that some newspaper printing houses have begun to adopt screen soft proofing, and install a set of and monitors next to the printing machine as the basis for "sample chasing". Soft proofing is also responsible for the signature samples before printing. In fact, for live parts such as newspaper printing, which do not require high precision of prints, a perfect screen soft proofing system is competent. However, in commercial printing and other fields with high requirements for print quality, soft proofing is still somewhat inadequate, especially for color control and ink adjustment in the process of printing and sample chasing

therefore, the current printing enterprises should combine the soft proofing and hard proofing of the screen, and make the first pass of the color restoration of the printed matter, so that the soft proofing and hard proofing of the screen are consistent, and the hard proofing is consistent with the color of the printed matter

(V) how far is "what you see is what you get" from us

it can be seen that more and more printing enterprises have paid attention to new prepress technologies, such as digital proofing, color management, and screen soft proofing. In the interview, the author was also pleased to find that now the domestic market can provide high-quality monitors and screen correction instruments, and there are a variety of professional software for screen soft proofing to choose from. Moreover, with the maturity of technology, the price of these products has basically reached a level that people can accept

no matter what direction the soft proofing of the screen will develop in, assisting the hard proofing or replacing the hard proofing, the important thing that has achieved the first mass production project of carbon fiber parts for vehicles in China this year is that people's concept of soft proofing of the screen is gradually updating, and with the emergence of various technical service consulting companies, soft proofing of the screen will enter more printing enterprises, "what you see is what you get" is no longer far away

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