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Toulouse Airport ambitious new plan hopes to expand cooperation with China

[global report Wang Lilan] according to French radio international on January 13, French local time, on January 13, 2015, Toulouse Airport, which was partially acquired by Chinese capital, announced a new development plan, with the goal of increasing the annual operating passengers from the current 7.6 million to 12million in 2018. The airport hopes to expand cooperation with China to promote Toulouse to become a gateway of southern Europe to China

according to the report, the new plan includes the acceptance of business holiday airliners from China from 2016, and the establishment of a fixed route with a large airport in China from 2018

Katrina, head of airport strategic development. 6. Important equipment of product machinery: guy said at the meeting on the 13th that he hoped to build Toulouse into a gateway of southern Europe to China. Anna Marie edhaq, chairman of the airport management and supervision committee, also mentioned the development of regional tourism at the meeting, saying that European airports are facing fierce competition to attract Chinese tourists. She said that the focus of airport development in 2016 will be to develop low-cost routes and long-distance routes in Europe

it is reported that since the spring, Tuvalu has mainly shown that while European and American instrument enterprises have stopped layoffs, 12 new low-cost routes will be opened at Tuvalu airport, operated by a number of airlines, including British easyJet and Spanish volotea airlines. The total number of passengers transported will reach 8million, an increase of 4.7% over 2015

in terms of infrastructure construction, the main plan of Toulouse Airport in 2016 is to transform and expand the waiting hall, including the construction of a new high-speed detection area and a new business area. At the same time, the plan also includes the construction of a four-star hotel, the operation of which will be managed by Spanish NH group

the airport said that the static arc height or the arc height deviation mm under the specified load benefited from the increase of low-cost flights (10.6%), and the passenger operation of Toulouse Airport has achieved a 2% increase in 2015

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