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On October 23, 2009, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

a few offers in Dongguan ABS market fell by about 50 yuan/ton. The transaction is difficult, the wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong, and the mentality of the industry is poor. The overall inventory is sufficient, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

the offer of Shunde ABS market was adjusted in a narrow range, with general inquiries in the morning and few transactions. The whole cargo experimental machine itself has a brain source, which is normal, and the terminal demand is weak

most quotations in Ningbo ABS market were stable. High transaction pressure appears, the recent trading volume has declined, and the mentality of the industry is quite contradictory. The supply of goods in the market is sufficient. Poor end-user demand

ps market dynamics:

Shunde PS market atmosphere is quiet, and the quotation is more stable. Guangzhou 525 tax-free declaration 9300 yuan/ton, 660 tax-free declaration 9600 yuan/ton. Enquiries are cold and transactions are low. The supply of goods in the market is normal, and the shipment is weak. End buyers purchase mainly on demand. The business mentality is general, and the trading is done step by step

Dongguan 3 Adjust the distance between the lower edge of the upper clamp and the upper edge of the lower clamp to be (150 ± 2) MMPs. The market offer fluctuates in a narrow range, with a range of 50 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market is acceptable, and the substantive negotiation is general. The business mentality is general and the trading is stable. End buyers are mainly on demand

the atmosphere in Shantou PS market was quiet and the offer was slightly weaker. 118 tax free 9100 yuan/ton, 127 tax free yuan/ton. The bearish mentality of most businesses has intensified, and the shipping intention has increased. At present, there are few market inquiries and substantive negotiations are cold. The actual transaction price needs to be clarified in the afternoon

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