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On June 5, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

the ABS market trend of Yuyao plastic city continued to heat up, and the quotation rose sharply. Petrochemical prices continued to rise strongly, directly driving market prices. Traders' reluctance to sell is obvious. Some external electromechanical drives are generally closed by medium frequency and low frequency. However, downstream users are afraid of high prices and have resistance. Domestic ABS is 16800 - compared with China's universal tensile testing machine, the dispersion is 17500 yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton

part of Shunde ABS market continued to rise, and the transaction was ok, and some middlemen replenished at a high level. The price of 757 is 17000 yuan/ton, and that of 15a1 is 16300 yuan/ton. The above prices do not include tax

Dongguan ABS offer continued to rise, merchants' quotation was slightly chaotic, and the trading volume was acceptable. 757 yuan/ton, 15a1 yuan/ton, the above prices are tax exclusive

ps market dynamics:

Shunde PS market is supported by a small supply of goods, with a strong hype atmosphere among merchants holding goods, and the quotation is chaotic. The revenue of Guangzhou and Zhanjiang 5 companies in 2016 was $6.5 billion, 25 jumped to 14000-14200 yuan, 660 was reported to 15000, and some merchants closed their offers, waiting for further clarification of the market. 123 is quoted at 13500 yuan/ton and 622 at 13650 yuan/ton. There are few negotiations and the transaction price is slightly lower. The above quotation for filling the oil seat does not include tax

the rising trend of Dongguan PS market eased, and this market continued to rise steadily. The transaction price was slightly lower, and the terminal purchase was light. Most of them were resistant to the current high price. The 525 quotation is 13450 yuan/ton, and the 660 quotation is 13600 yuan/ton. The above quotation does not include tax

in the morning, Shenzhen PS offers mostly follow the market, still rising, and the transaction price is slightly lower. However, the market trading is relatively light, and the terminal is still on the sidelines. The 525 quotation is 13700 yuan/ton, and the 514p quotation is 13600 yuan/ton. The above quotation does not include tax

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