LLDPE market prices in some of the hottest norther

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LLDPE market prices in some northern regions stabilized

after more than a week of vigorous speculation, LLDPE fell in Tianjin, Shandong Zibo, Qingdao and other major markets yesterday, and the trading volume remained stable

top 4 During the wet shoelace test, the sample does not need to be conditioned, but the sample should be soaked in distilled water or deionized water at (20 ± 2) ℃. In the afternoon, the market in Tianjin, the leader of the domestic LLDPE market, could not be confirmed after rising to 6000 yuan, so it fell back to 5850 yuan yesterday morning. Affected by it, the northern region generally fell back. Qilu Chemical City fell to 5800 yuan at 7042 yesterday afternoon, and the market price in Qingdao also fell to 5750 yuan. In the process of LLDPE price falling, the transaction volume of 1 kg of material is the same, but it is relatively normal, indicating that the market psychology agrees with the current price. The author believes that if the market price rises too fast, it will hinder the healthy development of the market, and even some profit-making businesses sell their goods to protect themselves; On the contrary, the market is slowly and steadily rising or surging higher and stabilizing, which is more conducive to stabilizing people's hearts and bringing the market back to a reasonable track. As the first plastic model to stabilize in this wave of market, the steady operation of LLDPE is conducive to the steady development of other plastic markets

yesterday, the ex factory prices of Tianjin Lianhua and Zhongyuan Petrochemical were adjusted to 5900 yuan, showing their confidence in stabilizing the market

Electronic universal testing machine in normal use

recently, a business agency reported that the US gold price of South Korea 3305 was 510 yuan, and the quotation of Formosa Plastics was 500 dollars

yesterday afternoon, the price of HDPE 6098 in Qilu Chemical City was 6300 yuan; The invoice price of LDPE Qilu Petrochemical is 5900 yuan. Tn00 in the market fell back to 6000 yuan. Cobalt accounts for 60% of t used hand motor pool. N26 has limited supply, which is 6300 yuan

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