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The localization of steam water separator reheater (MSR) in nuclear power plants has entered the 21st century. It has become a general trend for mankind to adopt safe, economic and clean energy. Developing nuclear power moderately is the energy development strategy of our government. At present, there are 11 nuclear power units in operation and under construction in China, and China's nuclear power is moving towards localization

1 review of the development history of Harbin Boiler nuclear power

Harbin Boiler Plant Co., Ltd. (Harbin Boiler) has been manufacturing nuclear equipment for decades

in the 1960s, the pressure vessel and pressurizer in the "114" nuclear reactor project of Tsinghua University, seven equipment such as IA and IB humidification towers, the first heavy water refining device in China, as well as stainless steel pipes for refining heavy water, "820" containers, and steam water separation for China's first nuclear submarine. Only a few giant bulk carriers docked on the shore were made by Harbin boiler

In the 1980s, Harbin Boiler and the Nuclear Energy Institute of Tsinghua University jointly developed the pressure vessel, containment vessel, main heat exchanger, shielding tube, reactor internals, etc. in the 5 MW nuclear low temperature heating reactor

In the 1990s, Harbin Boiler and Tsinghua University worked together again to complete the construction drawing design and engineering standard revision of main equipment such as pressure vessel and containment of 200 MW low temperature heating reactor; In the late 1990s, it successfully provided 600 MW auxiliary feedwater system deaerator for Qinshan Phase II nuclear power plant. Facing China's nuclear power industry, Harbin boiler has already set a goal to continue to manufacture nuclear equipment. Harbin Boiler seized the opportunity of several major foreign nuclear power companies' frequent activities in China and repeatedly came to Harbin Boiler for research and negotiation, and timely pushed itself to the stage of competition. In order to manufacture nuclear products, Harbin boiler has made many preparations in terms of software and hardware

in recent years, Harbin Boiler started with 5 MW nuclear low-temperature heating reactor, and has successively obtained the manufacturing license for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant pressure equipment, 200 MW low-temperature nuclear heating reactor nuclear pressure equipment, and invited more than 20 experts at home and abroad to conduct nuclear power technology and quality assurance training. At the same time, it has carried out technical exchanges with foreign nuclear power companies, gradually improved the nuclear power quality assurance system, and cultivated and reserved a large number of professional and technical talents who are familiar with and can apply regulations and standards. Through the "Seventh Five Year Plan" and "Eighth Five Year Plan" technological transformation, Harbin boiler has basically been able to produce million KW nuclear power main equipment. It is with these strong strengths that Harbin boiler is confident in the production of nuclear products. After obtaining the qualification evaluation of relevant parties, he resolutely undertook the manufacturing task of millions of steam water separator reheaters (MSRs) of Guangdong Ling'ao nuclear power plant

2 Toyota Zhongyan began to accumulate data in magnetic bodies, batteries, catalysts, etc. characteristics of MSR products

1000 MW nuclear power steam through more than 20 years of development and construction, water separation reheater is a large equipment of Guangdong Ling'ao nuclear power plant. The conventional island part of Ling'ao nuclear power station is generally contracted by GEC Alstom company. Harbin Boiler manufactures four MSR equipment, which is the most critical combined large container in the "four devices and one cooling" of the secondary circuit of the nuclear power station, and is listed in the "Ninth Five Year Plan" national key scientific research topic

in PWR nuclear power plants, the steam produced by the steam generator is saturated steam. After entering the high-pressure cylinder of the turbine to do work, if no measures are taken, the exhaust steam humidity of the last stage of the low-pressure cylinder will reach about 24%, which will seriously affect the safe operation of the turbine and is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, the nuclear power unit is equipped with a moisture separator reheater between the high-pressure cylinder and the low-pressure cylinder, so as to reduce the large-area corrosion of the blades of the low-pressure cylinder and increase the output of the low-pressure cylinder at the same time

the power of Ling'ao nuclear power station is 1000 MW, and the nuclear power turbine is equipped with two horizontal MSRs with half capacity (50%), which are respectively arranged on both sides of the turbine operation, called type A and type B. Ling'ao nuclear power station consists of two units, with a total of four MSRs

msr is a large composite horizontal vessel with complex internal structure, which adopts an integrated structure. It is mainly composed of shell, anti-corrosion shell, heat exchanger tube bundle, separator, support frame, cladding, hot shell and other components. The container has an outer diameter of 5.41 m, a length of 24.30 m, a width of 6.374 m, a height of 6.5 m and a weight of 342 t

msr is designed and manufactured based on British bs5500 and led by equipment technical specifications, which involves British Standards (BS), European standards (EN) and engineering standards of gec-alstom, forming a complex standard system of MSR

BS and en standard series materials are used in MSR drawings. Among them, there are carbon manganese steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel and nickel chromium iron alloy, and the metal materials our company used to contact are national standard and ASME standard series materials

due to the complex structure of MSR, the applicable standards and materials are brand-new, which brings great difficulties to the technical preparation

since December 1994, Harbin boiler has actively contacted with Alstom and lanpc in the early stage of the project, and then made all-round preparations in terms of plant equipment capacity, process feasibility, quality assurance and other aspects according to the technical characteristics of MSR products. After about one year of technical and commercial negotiations, the two sides officially signed the contract on September 26th, 1997, and renewed the contract for the last MSR two heat exchanger tube bundles on March 17th, 1998. Our company has undertaken the manufacturing of the main shells and internal components of four MSRs (the main components are anti-corrosion shell, hot shell, cladding, tube bundle support frame, etc.), as well as the two heat exchanger tube bundles in the last one

3 the transformation of drawings and technical conditions is the leader of MSR localization.

due to the structural complexity of MSR and the particularity of standards and specifications, we began to digest drawings from August 1996. On the basis of understanding a large number of asltom drawings, the development of special composite materials will certainly affect and promote the technological progress in related fields. Pay attention to the assembly dimensions and connection dimensions of 21 components, and understand the design intent. The key points are: the integrated layout of steam water separator reheater; Assembly structure of anti-corrosion shell lining; Connection structure of hot shell and cladding and consideration of thermal expansion account; Assembly structure of expansion joint penetration; The longitudinal inclined arrangement of heat exchanger tube bundles and the configuration of flow restrictors are conducive to the flow of condensate

alstom's drawings do not clearly stipulate the forming tolerance and dimensional tolerance. Through discussion with Alstom, we finally reached a consensus and implemented the ISO standard. On the basis of structural analysis, we broke the original closed dimension chain

alstom's technical requirements are divided into three levels: bs5500, Alstom engineering standards, and the supplementary provisions of lanpc. After analysis and trade-offs, they are thoroughly understood and finally implemented in the drawings. Through the transformation of drawings, the view relationship, numbering system, technical requirements and necessary structural changes due to process needs are solved to truly reflect the product structure, and the relevant technical conditions of manufacturing, inspection and acceptance are reflected in the factory drawings, so that they can be implemented in the process, inspection, test and quality plan, so as to meet the requirements of product performance

the technical standards applied by MSR have three levels. The first level takes the British bs5500 specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels as the basic standard, and the steam water separator reheater equipment specification as the leader, which involves the second level of Alstom engineering standards, British Standards (BS), European standards (EN), international standards (ISO), and thus involves more specific and more quantity of the third level of BS, en, ISO and other auxiliary standards

en standard is a completely independent standard system, and its composition, arrangement structure and content are very different from ASME standard. For us, it is a new technical standard system, which involves not only the standards of Member States, but also some international standards. The technical standards contained in en standard are relatively large and complex, and the content of each individual technical specification is relatively abstract, and the meaning of some provisions is not easy to understand. Therefore, in order to truly apply and learn EN standards well, we must not only fully understand each article, but also pay attention to the relationship between various standards and find out the regularity between standards

through transformation, we have compiled 180 technical documents approved by Alstom to guide the process, inspection and acceptance of MSR. MSR has 21 components in total, of which 19 have been factory designed, and more than 8500 A4 drawings in both Chinese and English have been completed. The total number of technical conditions involved in MSR is 156. According to the document control procedure, the standard department is classified by discipline, which is equivalent to the latest effective version specified in the contract, and is equivalent to the enterprise standard implemented in the company. We have transformed a total of 78 general technical conditions

4 practical process test and research are the basis of MSR localization.

while making full use of our company's experience in producing products similar to MSR for many years, exploring the potential of existing equipment and completing necessary technical transformation, carefully doing well the process test before production and tackling technical difficulties are the material basis of MSR localization

we have successively completed 14 technological difficulties and technological breakthroughs, including: 17000 mm ultra long steel plate, high-precision u+v groove processing; The processing of welding groove of super long plate is completed by using several existing equipment; φ 5.4 m large diameter thin-wall head welding u+v groove machining process; Take the main shell material as the representative, realize the localization of welding materials and process evaluation; Difficulties in manufacturing process of main shell and internals, etc

through these process technology research and research, we have better mastered the important process of 1000 MW MSR manufacturing

5 the effective operation of the nuclear quality assurance system is the guarantee for the localization of MSR

in order to ensure the effective operation of the quality assurance system, we should start with education. After signing the MSR contract, nuclear quality and safety education was carried out throughout the plant, so that the nuclear safety culture penetrated into all product fields. Combined with the key processes, engineering and technical personnel and excellent production backbones were selected for overseas training, and China Nuclear Industry nondestructive testing center was invited to train and assess Harbin Boiler nondestructive testing personnel. After qualification, theoretical examination and practical examination, 45 people have obtained the nuclear power level II qualification certificate

msr welding skill assessment is carried out according to the provisions of European standard EN. It is the first time for our company to adopt European standards to assess welder qualifications. The company allocated special funds to carry out welding skill training and welding skill evaluation on 189 items of 61 welders/welding operators, all of which passed the welding skill requirements of en, and the welding qualification was confirmed by Alstom and a third party, which cultivated a batch of excellent welders meeting the requirements of European standards for the production of MSR products

in order to ensure the quality of the project, a "first control group" composed of total quality management office, etc. has been established for MSR products to strictly control the quality of the first article process. The retention point and witness point in the quality plan shall be timely notified to the owner and the third party for joint inspection, and the inspection report shall be signed for approval. Once non-conforming products are found, a non conformance report (NCR) shall be issued in time, together with handling opinions and rectification measures, to ALSTOM, and the physical objects shall be labeled for isolation. Due to the careful implementation of the quality assurance system and the strengthening of quality management, the NCR of unit 2 is reduced by 70% compared with that of unit 1

6 problems needing attention in the localization process of MSR

(1) factory design problems

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