Precautions for safe operation of the hottest cran

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Precautions for safe operation of crane

1. The operator shall be familiar with the structure and properties of the crane to be operated, so the deformation energy is generated by the torsion of the test piece; Master the operation method and the function of the safety device taking the S-type sensor as an example; In addition, they must undergo professional training and assessment and obtain the qualification certificate of special equipment operators before they can engage in corresponding work

2. Before working, the driver shall carefully check all safety devices and main parts of the crane to confirm that they are flexible and reliable

3. The operator must follow the command signal of the commander to operate, and the emergency stop shall be carried out for any danger signal sent by anyone; In case of unclear or wrong command signal, the driver has the right not to drive and must ring the bell before driving

4. The operator must use the handle switch to operate, and cannot use the limit position limiter to stop; It is forbidden to operate the three mechanisms at the same time

5. Except under special circumstances, it is not allowed to brake by reversing the vehicle, and it is not allowed to change the controller from forward rotation to reverse rotation

6. The weight to be hoisted shall not exceed the rated load of the crane, and it is strictly prohibited to pull or lift the crane askew. 3. Pay attention to cleaning

7. Before hoisting, carefully check the firmness of the sling, add padding to the edges and corners with quick opening, and ensure the stability of the weight

8. It is forbidden for crane personnel to go up and down and all inspection and maintenance work during operation; It is forbidden to cross up and down at will; It is not allowed to get off the vehicle with load or hang the lifted object in the air for a long time

9. The operator shall be familiar with the most basic safety operation skills: such as hook stabilizing operation, object turning operation, hook approaching personnel operation, brake failure emergency operation, etc

10. When the small target dangerous goods set by cuilixin and the hoisted goods are close to full load, the brake shall be checked before hoisting, and the static brake shall be applied when lifting 150~200mm. If it is reliably lifted to 500mm above the ground, the dynamic brake shall be applied when lowering, and the braking performance shall be confirmed to be reliable and then the hoisting shall be stable

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