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Precautions for the purchase of inkjet printers

with the increasing maturity of inkjet printer technology, the price of inkjet printer products is also constantly falling. There are more and more places where printers can be used in life, so many friends have included them in their purchase plans when assembling computers. At present, the common inkjet printer brands in the market mainly include Epson, HP and canon. Although there are not many brands, because each manufacturer has products with different market positioning, and the grades and models are very rich, how can we choose what we are satisfied with in the face of a wide variety of inkjet printers? Now let's talk about the purchase points of medium and low-grade inkjet printers

● print resolution

for inkjet printers, print resolution is the most important standard for us to measure print quality. The higher the resolution, the higher the image accuracy, and the better the print quality. Considering that home users are not only interested in text printing, but also have great expectations for color picture printing, they can try to choose a printer with a picture printing resolution of 1440dpi or 1200dpi within the scope of funds. If you are not interested in picture printing, and especially the 4-ball printing method pays attention to the printing cost, you can choose a 600dpi precision printer that outputs black text, such as Canon's ip1180

● printing speed

the printing speed is generally measured by the number of pages printed per minute. Manufacturers usually use black-and-white and color printing speeds to mark the technical parameters of products. On the one hand, the printing speeds of printers are very different when printing images and texts; On the other hand, the printing speed is directly related to the resolution set during printing. The higher the printing resolution, the slower the printing speed. Therefore, the printing speed of printer must be comprehensively evaluated under the unified standard. Ordinary home users do not need to be too demanding on the printing speed. It is enough for black-and-white printing to reach 20 pages per minute and color printing to reach about 15 pages

● function and ease of use

inkjet printers on the market now have many functions. There are two practical functions for users. One is the multi-media printing function. You can print not only on ordinary paper, but also on envelopes, cards, transparencies, fiber fabrics, etc., which will make your life more colorful; The second is the economical printing mode, which can also be called the ink saving mode. It achieves the purpose of saving ink by reducing the clarity and the amount of ink sprayed. It is often used when printing drafts and some informal texts

to buy an inkjet printer, it's best to be proficient in everything. It doesn't have to be the fastest and best, but it should be compatible. Therefore, we should also check its return to folk ease of use. Ease of use includes many aspects: whether the installation of the driver is simple, whether the operation of the printer is complex, whether the software attached to the driver is simple to adjust the print quality, whether the screen diagnosis and troubleshooting software are provided for simple print faults, etc. In addition, we should pay special attention to the convenience of cartridge replacement and cleaning, which is a problem we often encounter in our daily use

● interface

the interfaces of inkjet printers can be divided into USB and parallel port. Nowadays, printers have generally adopted the USB interface that supports hot plug. Unless your machine only has a parallel port printing interface, you should choose a USB interface printer

● printing cost

the printer is not a one-time capital investment hardware equipment, and it must be continuously invested after it is bought. Therefore, the comprehensive cost should be taken into account when purchasing printers. The comprehensive cost of the printer includes the overall price, ink cartridge, ink and printing media. Generally speaking, if the printer uses black ink to print black, it can save relatively expensive color ink cartridges, which is conducive to saving printing costs; The low-grade single cartridge inkjet printer is not equipped with black ink, and the black printing is through color synthesis. In addition, most printers have a good effect of printing black-and-white text on ordinary paper, but to print colorful images, especially the exquisite printing of pictures, it needs to be carried out on professional paper, which means that the printing cost is increased

● after sales service

the printer is a consumable hardware device, and it is inevitable that some problems will occur after a long time of use, such as nozzle blockage, mechanical failure, etc. transparent silica gel will be deposited in the droplets, and ordinary household users do not have the ability to repair by themselves. Therefore, from July 1 this year, the EU officially banned PVC. Good after-sales service and technical support are very important for us. When purchasing printers, we should pay attention to whether the manufacturer can provide at least one-year warranty and whether there are many maintenance points

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