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Notes on site selection of decentralized wind farms

according to the notice of the National Energy Administration on accelerating the construction of decentralized access wind power projects, the development and construction of decentralized access wind power projects should be promoted in accordance with the overall principle of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, local balance and nearby consumption". The access capacity and access point of distributed wind power will affect the power flow distribution, voltage level, power loss, reliability, short-circuit current and relay protection. Therefore, the site selection of decentralized wind farms should reasonably plan and design the decentralized wind power access scheme, which can effectively utilize wind energy resources and improve the safety, economy and reliability of system operation

I. wind energy resources

by virtue of 3T and other satellite data and wind measurement of wind farms around the planned site, the site with good wind energy resources is selected macroscopically. During the development of the project, the on-site wind measurement of the wind farm can also be carried out with the help of radar wind measurement, laser wind measurement and other equipment to understand the wind energy resources in the planned site

II. Power access

through on-the-spot investigation, understand the current load of the current distribution system in the surrounding areas and the development forecast in the next three years, determine the current and future construction capacity of the decentralized access wind farm according to the principle of "planning before development", and form an overall development plan

in combination with the development experience, the electric connection can refer to the impact test; The following principles for free drop test:

1, 10MW and below, 10KV voltage level access, 10mw-50mw, 35kV and other local amplification level access

2. Avoid reverse power transmission to the upper level, and the decentralized installed capacity should not exceed 20% of the capacity of the upper level transformer or 25% of the maximum load

3. With T-connection, the total development capacity should be controlled within 30% of the maximum transmission capacity of the connected utility line, which has a high electronic universal failure rate in people's mind

III. construction conditions

as the decentralized capacity is smaller than the centralized capacity, and the scale effect is poor, the economic impact of construction conditions (such as roads, power collection lines, etc.) on wind turbine construction should be fully considered in the process of turbine layout

at present, many provinces, such as Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanxi, have to develop distributed wind power. It is more important to connect with the preparation department in time in the process of project development

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