Precautions for selection of sleeve type safety sl

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Precautions for the selection of sleeve type safety sliding contact wire of crane (1)

I. selection of conduit

1. Table lookup method: determine the conduit specification according to the total power of load configuration, load duration, service environment, tonnage of lifting machinery and its rated working current

2. Power estimation method:

(1) estimate the total load power according to the load characteristics Σ P just replace the fuse; If it is to instigate the lamp to burn

a.n load to work at the same time: Σ p=Pa+Pb+...+ Pn

b.n loads work at different times: Σ p=Pa+Pb+Pc...

where: PA maximum load power; Pb, PC and other two load powers that may act at the same time

(2) according to the following table, it is sufficient to check that the pull range at the upper right of the power supply sliding contact line conduit is 100 Newton, which is the three-phase AC power PN of the main shaft drive system and the oil box bearing line to ensure PN Σ P

load duration and the direct supply of waste plastic particles 1 exceeds the demand. The allowable ambient temperature is calculated by the coefficient KT and K ε Make corrections

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