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Precautions for safe operation of tripod centrifuges

tripod centrifuges are widely used in the dehydration of solid materials because of their simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance and low cost. The utility model uses an electric motor as the power, and drives the drum to rotate at a high speed through a V-belt drive to dehydrate the materials. Although this equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain, if the inspection and maintenance are improper, or if the operation violates the safety operation regulations, the accident of injury to people and objects may occur at any time. The author has investigated and handled a case of accident caused by improper operation and maintenance of centrifuge; The other is that the centrifuge brake is not effective, and the operator operates in violation of regulations. The crowbar is used as the brake, and the crowbar is thrown out by the centrifuge, and the arm is broken. The other is that the operator does not pay attention to the safety inspection of the equipment at ordinary times, and still starts the machine when the centrifuge shell is corroded, aged and cracked. As a result, the tensile testing machine clamp (such as the clamping surface of the sample such as plastic film and fiber) is generally made of excellent medium carbon steel The growth of alloy export is steady and there is progress. When the structural steel core machine rotates at high speed, the shell breaks and throws out, exploding into the fence wall. Fortunately, there is no one nearby, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, the following safety precautions must be paid attention to during centrifuge operation to prevent accidents:

1 Before starting the machine for use, it is necessary to check the integrity of the equipment, such as whether the transmission belt, lubrication, electrical insulation, etc. are normal; Whether the inching operation is normal; Whether the power on no-load operation is stable and good; Check whether the brake is sensitive and effective. In case of any defect, stop the machine for inspection. After the problem is eliminated, start the machine for normal operation

2. When loading materials, the and must be completely stopped. The loading shall be compacted according to the level. The loading amount must be strictly controlled within the range of safety regulations. Over loading is strictly prohibited

3. After the materials are loaded, the tools and other articles shall be taken away from the centrifuge before starting the centrifuge. The operator shall also be away from the centrifuge before starting the centrifuge, so as to prevent the equipment, appliances, materials and sundries from flying out and causing injury accidents

4. When inching the centrifuge, observe whether its operation is stable. If it is unstable, stop the centrifuge for adjustment. The adjustment must be carried out under the condition of complete shutdown; Normal operation can be started only after the operation is stable

5. During the operation of the centrifuge or before it is completely stopped, it is strictly prohibited for people, tools and other objects to approach or contact the centrifuge, and it is strictly prohibited to carry out any operation on the centrifuge

6. After cutting off the power supply of the centrifuge and finishing the operation, the free rotation speed of the centrifuge shall be visually measured. Braking can be carried out only when the speed is lower than 100r/min. Braking is strictly prohibited when the speed is higher than 100r/min

7. It is forbidden to brake with iron bars, crowbars and other objects instead

8. The centrifuge shall be regularly maintained, and the drum and base shall be regularly inspected to keep the internal and external walls of the equipment clean and the electrical insulation in good condition. Bazhou, Enyang, Nanjiang, Tongjiang, Pingchang and Xingwen (Bazhong Economic Development Zone) of our city are all included in the list. The main rotating shaft is vertical and stable, and the shell base is free of damage and cracks

9. In case of abnormal conditions, cut off the power supply first, then leave the operation site, and wait for the centrifuge to stop completely before handling

10. Make relevant records of equipment repair, maintenance, operation, etc. for tracing and utilization

11. The main steps of testing the properties of metal materials in the tensile test with the microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine are introduced below: a firm fence should be installed around the centrifuge to prevent the shell from bursting and damaging the nearby equipment and facilities during operation

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