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Precautions for safe operation of solid equipment construction

I Construction preparation:

1 Before entering the machine room for construction, the construction unit shall submit the construction organization plan and construction scheme to the Construction Department of the owner for approval in advance

2. The construction unit must sign the safe construction agreement with the construction unit of the project, and sign the safe construction agreement with the computer room management department involved in the project according to the requirements of the construction unit before construction

3. The construction unit shall complete safety education and pre job training for construction personnel, and clarify the requirements and measures for safety production

4. When the equipment in operation is involved in the construction process, the safety assurance measures and construction operation scheme must be jointly formulated with the construction unit and the management department of the communication room, and the personnel of the on-site maintenance department shall cooperate and supervise to ensure the safe operation of the equipment in use during the construction period

II Construction site requirements:

1 Articles shall not be stacked arbitrarily in the machine room to avoid obstructing the passage; The equipment and materials used for construction must be stacked neatly at the designated place to ensure the cleanness of the construction site

2. The construction area and the special access for construction personnel shall be marked with fences. Activities outside the construction area are not allowed without the consent of the computer room management personnel

3. The construction personnel shall be familiar with the fire passage of the machine room and the placement position of fire-fighting equipment, and master the use method of fire-fighting equipment

4. After the completion of daily construction, the construction personnel must clean up the site, do a good job in the disposal of engineering waste, and notify the construction unit's accompanying personnel for inspection

III Instructions for construction personnel:

1 The modified panel shows no sign of "penetration" damage (see the above figure). When the construction tools with large power consumption such as impact electric drill are used in the assembly frame, the stabilized voltage power supply in the machine room shall not be used UPS power supply to avoid damaging the AC voltage regulator or UPS power supply due to overload, affecting the use of test instruments or causing power failure in the machine room

complete the full-automatic control, automatic measurement and other functions of the experimental process 2 Before laying the cable, the route through which the cable passes must be strictly checked, and the cable trough and rack must be rechecked to see if they are firm Whether there are tools and accessories missing from previous projects in the channel, and take protective measures, Prevent the cables from falling into the equipment during laying to ensure equipment and personal safety. When laying pigtails on the original channels and racks in the machine room, pay attention to the protection of the original pigtails, do not step on them, and do not cross with the originally laid pigtails. The position and terminal of the rack where the pigtails are laid must be jointly confirmed with the attendant in the machine room and marked before construction

3. Before connecting the power supply or replacing the power fuse on the terminals of the original row head cabinet and power cabinet, an operation implementation plan shall be formulated, which shall be reviewed by the competent engineering department, and the site must be attended by the accompanying personnel of the construction unit, and shall be completed within the time of review and approval. During operation, check whether there are metal components (screws, nuts, gaskets, etc.) on the top of the rack to prevent accidents caused by falling into the equipment

4. When the equipment is powered on, carefully check whether the polarity of the power line is correct and whether the terminal is tightened. For projects with equipment manufacturer's supervision on site, equipment power on shall be completed by the supervisor, and the construction personnel shall cooperate closely

5. In the equipment commissioning stage, it is not allowed to use the dispatching plug rope on the old DDF rack without the permission of the maintenance personnel who will not affect the water and soil conservation, so as to avoid breaking the operating circuit when the resistance stroke is 600 (1) 500mm

6. The operation confirmation form shall be filled in for construction on the existing operating equipment, and two persons shall be arranged to complete it, one for implementation and one for review, and the on-site maintenance personnel shall be present for supervision. When the optical fiber hopping is connected, the construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the design or the official network dispatching sheet, and the relevant Bureau and station shall be notified in advance. After the completion of construction, the equipment shall be checked for any alarm. If there is any alarm, it shall be eliminated in time with the on-site maintenance personnel

7. During equipment installation in the rack, it is strictly prohibited to lean against the rack or step on any part of the rack

8. The cables in the equipment rack shall be laid under the supervision of the manufacturer. During laying, pay attention to the wiring connection direction, and arrange personnel to recheck against the design drawings to ensure correct connection to avoid serial connection Incorrect connection, resulting in the termination of the service in use

9. In case of any potential safety hazard found in the equipment in use (including the parts irrelevant to the project) during the construction, do not intervene or operate irrelevant to the construction of the project. The construction shall be suspended and the management personnel of the on-site machine room shall be informed in time. The operation can be continued only after relevant confirmation

10. When the construction unit undertakes additional work in the computer room as required by the computer room management unit, it must be approved by the competent department of the construction unit, and the operation can be carried out under the on-site guidance of the personnel of the computer room management unit

Shijiazhuang branch of Hebei post and Telecommunications supervision company

equipment supervision department

in April 2011

signed by the project manager of the construction unit:

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